I’ve been thinking about writing a blog in English for ages. How come I finally decided to create it?

I had to.

I’ve decided to join the awesome and super enthusiastic Leonie at the Goddess Guidebook and her tribe at the Goddess Circle and I needed to have a blog for the people there to see who I am. Or parts of who I am at least ; ).

I’m also taking the Business e-course and it’s so full of useful information. It’s all a bit overwhelming but I try to take it one step at a time…

I’ve started brainstorming in order to find what kind of e-book and e-course I’d like to offer. First : ). It’s so funny because I thought I was going one way but Spirit nudged me to go another one.

It’s feels so right and I have lots of ideas about what I need to say and write. It’s really exciting and I enjoy this first phase. The real challenge for me is to keep going when I’m less excited.

To see the whole project through when I start having doubts and think that what I’ve created is no good. But I’m ready this time! Bring it on! Ha, ha ; ).

Take care and may your day be filled with Love and Light,


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