First of all thank you so much for the incredible support and love that you have poured over me – and my new website – in the last two weeks. I am so honored and grateful for this. My work in the world means so much to me and my biggest wish is that what I do inspires you to live a happier and more conscious life. As you’ve probably guessed by now one of my big passions is spirituality (no kidding ; ) and I love meeting people who live their lives connected to Spirit in some way. Now this can be a buddhist monk spending his whole life in prayer or the local farmer who connects with the spirit of the earth. What fascinates me is that divine connection and it doesn’t matter to me what we choose to call this connection.

One of the joys that having a website brings me is that I can invite people who inspire me to come and play with me : ). I’ve been thinking of creating a video interview series for a long time but as now seemed to be a great time to start here we go. The Kindred Spirit Series is where amazing people from all over the world come on over to chat with me about who they are and what they do. My incredibly talented and awesome guests will share what Spirit means to them and how they connect with it. They will also give us great ideas on how we can all live more connected and present lives.

I hope you enjoy these interviews as much as I do!

Joanna Mary – Intuitive & Healer

JoannaMary My first guest is my lovely friend Joanna Mary who is a crystal healer as well as a mermaid and angel whisperer.

You can find Joanna at where you can also download her gorgeous free Mermaid Kit when you sign up for her newletters. She also offers regular readings using her mermaid cards on her YouTube channel.





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