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I hope you are well and that you are taking the steps you need to reach your big dreams in life. Even tiny steps can make a big difference. I’ve been having so much fun lately interviewing some amazing and very inspiring women for my video series. Some of them are coaches, intuitives, writers – and today I have the great pleasure to share an interview with the lovely Lori Portka.


I’ve been drooling over Lori’s artwork for a long time and not so long ago I treated myself to some of her beautiful cards. I kept a couple of them for my altar and I sent the rest of them to the amazing women and soul sisters who make my life as good as it is now.

In today’s video Lori shares the story of how she became a full-time artist (nope, it didn’t happen over night), how she found the inspiration to paint 100 paintings in one year and she also shares how she connects with something bigger than her when she creates her artwork (I love this!).

So, take a break in your day, prepare a nice cup of tea, coffee or something else you enjoy and watch us giggle and talk about life.

“The Kindred Spirit Series is where amazing people from all over the world come on over to chat with me about who they are and what they do. My incredibly talented and awesome guests will share what Spirit means to them and how they connect with it. They will also give us great ideas on how we can all live more connected and present lives. I hope you enjoy these interviews as much as I do!”

LoriPortkaLori Portka

Lori Portka is a talented full-time artist, doing what she loves, in hope of spreading a little happiness around. She believes in loving kindness. She is mostly sweet and compassionate and learning to say “no” when “yes” does not feel right and accept (and even embrace) the non-optimistic, angry, spitfire part of herself. She travels as much as possible and loves animals with all her heart.

Read more about Lori and discover her gorgeous artwork at www.loriportka.com

I hope you enjoyed the interview and I wish you a magical day!

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