Hello Beautiful Soul!

How are you today? I’m having one of those slow days that turn into being quite intense. Yesterday I was so tired and so I just rested all day. My meetings were rescheduled and I actually listened to my body and didn’t fight it by drinking another cup of coffee to get me going again. It felt great! I don’t normally rest or sleep during the day although I live in the land of siesta but I couldn’t resist this time.

What is your body asking you to do today? Right now? What can you do to give yourself what you need?

If you aren’t on my mailing list I would love for you to join us. I’ve just created a brand new guided meditation that you receive for free when you sign up. I sent it out a  couple of days ago and the response has been amazing. It goes really deep and I felt so full of joy and aware of all the support around me when I finished listening to it. I don’t usually listen to my own guided meditations. Hrm… ; ). If you are feeling a little lost and alone right now this is for you, lovely.

I also wanted to share a post I wrote at the lovely Corona Brady Rogers website NurturePod here. I write about one of my favourite ways of connecting with my spirit guides and I would love to hear from you there.

That’s all from my world. I live and breathe Australia at the moment and suspect it will be like this until I leave so I’ll let you enjoy a beautiful interview with the lovely coach and aspiring writer Claire Baker. Claire and I talk about coaching, real and authentic writing, the importance of self-expression, how she connects with spirit and so much more. EnJOY!

“The Kindred Spirit Series is where amazing people from all over the world come on over to chat with me about who they are and what they do. My incredibly talented and awesome guests will share what Spirit means to them and how they connect with it. They will also give us great ideas on how we can all live more connected and present lives. I hope you enjoy these interviews as much as I do!”

ClaireBClaire Baker

Claire is a Certified Health Coach & Creative, who is oh-so-passionate about living a nourishing, spiritual life full of exploration, self expression, healing and authentic joy. Connect with her here: www.thisislifeblood.com




Beaming love and sunshine to you!








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