I haven’t written a blog post in a week and it feels like forever! The reason behind this is that I have been busy. OK. I mean busy as in I’m digging deep into some pretty huge dreams of mine and they are coming true. I have been dreaming big for years now and all of sudden my dreams are starting to become reality.

Why is that? Why now?

Maybe the fact that we are now in the famous year of 2012. Maybe my life allows for these changes as I now have more time to myself. Maybe it’s because my youngest child is almost 3 years old so I get more sleep than before (I love that!).

It could be a mix of all that but when it comes down to it, the biggest change for me is that I have set clear intentions for what I want. Last year I sat down and really started focusing on what I want in my life. What is the Big Work I need to do? What does my heart love doing? And from then on I have set very clear intentions.

Clear intentions when you invite new clients

Years ago when I first started to channel I read about this beautiful visualisation that you can use when you wish to invite new clients in your life.

Here we go: Sit down in a comfortable position. You can lie down or sit up but try to keep your back straight and close your eyes. Center yourself and feel how a golden cord goes from the sky, through your body and continues down into the center of the earth. Breath deeply with your belly for as long as you need to, until all the tensions in your body have been released. Now visualise your heart opening up like a beautiful flower, one petal at a time.

See how a beautiful beam of light shines through your heart and forms a golden bridge. Breath in this light and love into your whole body and feel the light that shines from the bridge you have created. Clearly invite the clients you wish to receive to cross your golden bridge. Be as specific as you can when inviting new clients. See them cross the bridge and keep the energy flowing between your heart and theirs.

When they have crossed over to join you thank them and visualise how they slowly disappear into the light. Continue to breath through your belly and slowly come back to your body and move it gently. Slowly open your eyes and either drink some water or reconnect with Nature outside. Know that you have now invited the right clients for you energetically.

I have used this technique lots of times in the past and it has proved to be very effective. Sometimes I forget I’ve done it and I’m surprised by the result. Then I remember and it always makes me smile : ).

So, intention is everything and if you are clear with what you want, the Universe can help you out. If you’re just having random thoughts or ideas it’s more difficult for others to give you the support you need.

How about you? What are your intentions for this year and how do you set them?

I wish you a lovely evening and I am so grateful that Great Spirit gave me some help to write this post. I had no idea what I was going to write about before I started ; ).

Love and Light,


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