Hello wonderful soul,

I hope you are moving through this Mercury retrograde with ease and grace. No? Me either ; ). But I am embracing this time as much as I can to go inward and deal with all my stuff that’s coming up. Being on a spiritual path doesn’t mean that we see our lives with clarity and listen to our intuition all the time. My intention is simply to do my best every day. On some days my best is great and on other days not so much. And you know what? That’s OK.

I’ve been thinking about the topic for this blog post all day until it finally hit me that the theme for this week has been all about embracing my fears. As you may know I’ve been blogging for about 4 years now and I first started writing in Swedish. That felt really good and easy as I live in France and only my Swedish friends could read my rather personal posts. I knew I had to take a bolder leap if I wanted to reach more people so a year later I started my English blog. That felt pretty huge at the time and it was as if I opened up a brand new – and much bigger and brighter – door to the world.

I love this blog and it videorevellebrings me so much joy! I have meet some amazing people through it and wonderful clients have found me here. But throughout the years my French friends and clients have kept asking me when I would create a French website or at least a page with all my services.

At first I said no way (I have no time/don’t want to/who wants to read about my work anyway?) and kept putting it off but then last week the lovely Nathalie Antonio Giraud at Rêv’elle Coaching asked me if I wanted to be interviewed for her blog.

Of course I said yes and we had a great time. It wasn’t until the end of our call that I realized that I now had one week to get my French pages up. Yikes! To make a long story short I freaked out, felt inspired, procrastinated, received awesome support from my friends and finally wrote those pages and hit publish in 24 hours. Bam!

If you speak French I would love to share the interview with Nathalie here and you are sowelcome to check out my French pages over here.

How can you put yourself out there when it makes you feel really scared?

If you are a sensitive, soulful person and you want to share your message with the world in some way I’m sure you can relate to this one. I know many of my clients deal with these fears and we face them together. I love sharing my favourite ways to move forward when all my fears come up.

  • Feel your fears. I’m not a believer in pushing through and doing things anyway. Our fears are parts of us and they are trying to communicate with us the best way they can. I invite you to sit down and connect with your fears. Allow yourself to feel them fully. Observe what happens when you do and write down what comes up for you.
  • Embrace the scared parts of you. When you stop running away from your fears and sit down and have a chat with them you can learn so much about yourself. You fears are only parts of you that need to be reassured and heard. Ask them what they need and let them know that you’ve got this.
  • Release them. When you’ve gotten to know them better it is time to release them. You can do a releasing ritual (energy work, clear out with sage, write down and burn what you’ve written or anything else that feels right to you) and feel how your body softens and creates space for new experiences.
  • Connect with what you wish to create. Take a moment to relax and connect from your heart with what you wish to create/work on/give birth to. Remember why you are doing this and nurture this deep desire within you. If you can’t feel that connection or it doesn’t feel like the right thing anymore, go deeper. You are allowed to change your mind and find something that really lights you up.
  • Keep connecting with your big why and your soul. Every time you sit down to work on your creation, take a moment to connect with why you are doing this. Set an intention for the day and allow for ease, flow and joy to be your allies. This is your soul work! Remember to enjoy it.

I hope these steps are helpful and I’d love to know how you deal with fear.

I also wish to add that I am super happy to be a proud contributor to the wonderful Debra Dane’s gorgeous e-book Listen To The Voice Of Your Heart. The other contributors are amazing and this e-book is such an inspiring read.


You are welcome to sign up and receive a free copy here and I’ll be writing more about it in the weeks to come.

I wish you a sweet and lovely day!

With love and gratitude,


PS: If you are having a difficult time and need some loving and clear support in order to move through this time and find your way back to joy again, I’ve got a few spaces open for intuitive readings and coaching. I would love to connect with you.

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