I have been putting off writing this post for days now. And I seriously considered not writing it at all. Just thinking about it makes me nervous so I know I have to do it.

I’ve raised my prices.

Gasp! I could tell you that I raised the price for my readings because I’ve been asking the same price for 5 years. Or that my old price isn’t sustainable for me. Or that I’m working on my mindset regarding money and that this is an important step for me. And all of this is true.

But this isn’t important to you. Instead of talking about me and my needs I should be talking about you. Because when you contact me for a reading you are looking for something to make you feel better. What you need to know is that what I offer is of value to you. I watched a really interesting interview on Marie TV that showed up in my mail box just after I had raised my price. I love those signs from the Universe.

The Only Reasons to Raise Your Price

Well, I have realised that spending so much time – and money – doing deep soul work myself in order to be of the greatest service I can to you my intuitive readings are becoming more and more powerful. They go deeper and what really amazes me is that there is a healing energy that comes through them that goes beyond the words. The feedback I have been receiving is amazing. Several people have told me that after a reading they have felt that energy that had blocking them for years just melted away.

Now of course this is not just my work. I am so grateful to my loving spirit guides who have chosen to communicate through me. And you, as a client, do about 50% of the work, I’d say. This is gorgeous team work between you, me and the spirit world.

Maybe that is why I have been so reluctant to raise my prices. 

I know that this is not just my work, not just my energy. We create magic together. But I realize that I am the one providing the safe space for this work to be done. I invest a huge part of my life in order to be the clearest and most loving channel I can be. And I know that you can feel that. And that this can transform you life. Instead of spending perhaps years receiving healing, going to therapy and maybe spending a lot of time feeling unhappy and lost you can experience an incredible inner transformation in only one session that will affect you entire life.

One of the aspects of my intuitive readings that I love – and that seems to grow over time – is the call from my spirit guides to see the beauty in yourself. I feel like I am just the one holding up a mirror showing you just how beautiful and amazing you are. And I mean beautiful inside out : ).

Another aspect is an intense feeling of healing energy that pours through you. A strong and loving energy that washes away your pain and heals old wounds.

Of course one reading with me won’t solve all your problems forever. I’m not a fairy godmother! And your deep soul work is a continuous proccess that will give you a chance to see what you need in order to grow and shine even brighter.

What I offer is one key to a more fullfilled life. I know that you will find the rest of the keys that you need to grow and expand beyond what you think is possible.

So, I wrote it!

Thank you for being here and for reading my words. It means so much to me. So much. I love sharing my thoughts and feelings with you and I hope it inspires you to move forward and deeper into you own life.

How do you feel about putting a price tag on what you love doing? And how do you do it anyway?

All my Love and Gratitude,

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