welcome to MY magical

star seed activation

[APRIL 22-may 22, 2022]

an online retreat to reconnect with your star family

and align with your purpose 

early bird price ends on april 20 at 8 pm cet








do you want to feel a stronger connection with your soul’s purpose and remember why you are here?

do you feel called to embrace all of who you are and embody your purpose & gifts fully? 

Do you long to feel more at home here on earth?

It is time now.

you are ready to remember who you are and why you are here.

It is time to be the channel of light and love that you are.

The world needs your gifts.

Let’s do this together.

A couple of weeks ago I started to feel a strong call to gather with my star sisters. I am so honoured to create this online retreat again and offer my support by creating a safe space for you to connect with your star family/families and channel all the wisdom, guidance and powerful transmissions they are so willing to share with you.

This call grows stronger every day and I know we will have a powerful month together, connecting and remembering.

Maybe you already connect and communicate with your star family. Or maybe you have no idea what all this star seed stuff is all about but you feel a strong call to explore it. I invite you to listen to your own guidance and TRUST what you receive. Only you know what is right for you and when it is time to take this journey.

during this retreat you will:

  • Reconnect with your star family/families and channel the cosmic energies into the Earth and this physical reality
  • Remember who you and why you are here
  • Clear old patterns, programming and fears that are holding you back from shining your beautiful light
  • Realign your body, heart and soul so you can fullfill your soul’s purpose and manifest your dreams and visions
  • Receive powerful, multidimensional healing and so much unconditional love
  • Tune in to your creative flow, inner guidance and healing power so you can channel them into your creations
  • Open up to receive all the abundance that is already here for you

I trust your voice and your truth.

If you are feeling the call, tune in and listen.

Honour yourself.

it is safe to become who you truly are. 

Hello, beautiful star sister. I’m Karina Ladet, a Business Mentor, Intuitive Channel and Healer and I am here to support conscious entrepreneurs to let go of their old stories and patterns so they can embrace their purpose and expand beyond their wildest dreams. Because I believe that you are worthy of your deepest desire.

Your heart and soul long for expansion, freedom and joy!

I have channelled messages and healing energies from my spirit guides for throusands of people all over the world since 2001.

In 2012 I had my first experience connecting with star beings. During a session with an amazing new client I suddenly started to channel guidance from a beautiful being from Sirius. The energies and ways of connecting were very different from anything I had ever experienced before and although it was a beautiful session this connection really triggered me. It was way out of my comfort zone and took me some time to accept.

That year I kept having more and more connections with star energies and so many of my clients received messages about being star seeds. It was a new experience for me but these energies were so loving and really helped my clients feel more at home here on earth. It also explained why many of them had felt so disconnected from other humans and this planet.

I loved this time and learnt so much. At first I throught that my role was just to help them reconnect and I didn’t feel like I was connected to the star energies.

A year later my now great friend Isabelle Salomon invited me to do a channeling workshop in her yurt in northern France and afterwards we sat down outside and channelled messages for each other.

The energy was so strong and expansive and we received clear guidance on how we were to channel cosmic energies and ground light codes into the earth. It was pretty mindblowing and although we didn’t really understand the messages they felt so true.

The energy was so multidimensional and felt like such a strong remembering. Over the years my connection with my star families has grown stronger and deeper. Some of my most powerful spiritual experiences have been connected to star energies. My last journey to Australia 4 years ago was the most powerful connection I’ve ever had with star beings and I reconnected with my origins in a very profound way.

This reconnection brought together all my experiences and made everything fall into place. Now I know who I am, where I come from and why I am here. Every day my connection deepens and I have had the great pleasure to hold space for so many of my clients as they reconnect with their star families and purpose on this earth.

I resisted offering this work for a long time because I didn’t want it to be another way to escape our current reality and this Earth. However, when we reconnect in a grounded and simple way it actually helps us to be more present and more embodied in this life.

This is why I said yes to offering this work and create this online retreat. Because I trust that when you embody more of your star energy and cosmic self you can enjoy life here on earth even more and be of even greater service to all.

We are all one. We are all coming together. Welcome HOME. 

star seed activation

[april 22-may 22, 2022]

an online retreat to reconnect with your star family and align with your purpose

all the practical info + this is what you receive:

  • We meet on Zoom for 3 Live Calls (appr 1 hour each) at 2 PM EST/8 PM CET on the following dates: April 25 for a Release/Clearing, on May 1 (New Moon/Solar Eclipse) for a Transmission and on May 9 for an Integration. BONUS: A 30 min Facebook Live to connect with the Super Moon/Lunar Eclipse on May 16. Click here to find your time zone.
  • Early Bird price ends on April 20 at 2 PM EST/8 PM CET.
  • During the Zoom calls I will be on video and you will attend by video or audio (your choice). I will open up the chat so you can ask me all your questions, share your experiences and I will support you with anything that comes up.
  • We connect in a private Facebook group with amazing soul family from April 22 until May 22. This is a safe space where you can share your experiences, ask questions and receive so much support from me.
  • I’d love to meet you live but if you can’t attend (or if your time zone makes it difficult), all Zoom calls will be recorded and sent to everyone who signs up. You will be able to send in your questions before if you can’t join live.
  • Loving support, energy clearings and healing throughout the duration of this retreat.
  • Your investment:
    • Early Bird price until April 20: 333 EUR/377 USD (or 2 installments of 177 EUR/199 USD).
    • Full price until April 24: 444 EUR/499 USD (or 2 installments of 233 EUR/255 USD).

are you ready to embrace all of who you are and expand beyond your present reality?

join us now.

Our Facebook group opens on April 22 and closes on May 22

I pay in full (333 EUR): 


I pay in 2 installments (2 x 177 EUR):

I pay in full (377 USD):


I pay in 2 installments (2 x 199 USD):

As soon as you have paid you have locked in your space and will receive a link to sign up to my Star Seed Activation mailing list. If you choose the payment plan, the second payment will be automatically withdrawn the following month through PayPal.

Are you unsure if this is right for you?  Schedule a free 20 min Coffee Date before April 24 and let’s connect.

kind words about my star energy work:

“Feeling the connection to my star family has given me the strength and courage to move forward with creating the business that aligns with my true purpose here on earth.

Kirsi Wahlström, Soulful Life & Business Coach


“I have known Karina for years, and I can testify that her interest in cosmic energies is far from being a fad, since these energies came to permeate us, both of us, almost in spite of ourselves.

She has a special and rare talent: that of guiding, in a totally luminous way, towards our true nature. For some, our true nature is that we are from the stars.

Thanks to Karina and her generous support, I was able to welcome these energies that brought me great transformations. I can now welcome this vibration of truth, simplicity and power channelled by the star beings.

We are not alone and isolated on this small blue planet. We are connected with other places, planets and dimensions. Opening up and receiving these energies helps us to become more grounded, to find our vibration, which as a note of pure music guides us on our unique path. Great changes are happening and it’s time to experience this vibration of respect, so that our powerful gifts can re-enchant the world.

Thank you Karina for this deep and luminous work that you support and allow by creating sacred and safe spaces where we can receive our guidance and embrace who we are!”

Isabelle Salomon, Soul & Business Alignment Mentor

“Karina is a powerful channel and healer. I see Karina for support, nurturing, deep wisdom, alignment and deep soul connection. For me, Karina embodies the energy of joy, lightness of being, unconditional love and support.

Karina is a true gem with a heart of gold. A rare treasure to find.”

Lara Waldman, Abundance Activator & Healer

“Karina’s star seed guided meditation is a powerful access portal for sacred guidance. Well established, with powerful grounding aspects, Karina wisely leads you in gently to find the deep support required to access the highest energies available.

I got a whole page of personal sacred guidance and found the process deeply restful, restorative and clarifying. Such a precious gift to give yourself this expansive journey!”

Lysa Black, Business Mentor for Gifted Leaders

“Karina is such a clear, soulful and loving channel and guide. I love the way she is able to channel high frequency messages and at the same time have a deep connection with Mother Earth. Every guided meditation, group coaching and 1:1 session with Karina has brought me so much healing, clarity and joy!

Linda Westlund, Intuitive Healer, Channel and MediYoga Teacher
Facebook Page

are you ready to remember who you are and why you are here?

It is time to be the channel of light and love that you are.

Let’s gather in sacred circle. Join us on April 22 and reconnect with your soul family and your origins. As you embrace more aspects of who you are you will RISE and embrace your soul’s purpose with more confidence and ease.

I can’t wait to experience this magical time with you! 

Welcome HOME, beautiful star sister.

Welcome home.

Sending you so much love,



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