Today I am so happy and honoured to share a guest post written by my dear friend Amy Miller. Amy is such a sweet and loving soul and she has a very soft and angelic energy about her. No wonder she’s attracted to angels! Recently Amy released a gorgeous e-book about oracle cards and if you are longing to deepend your connection with your cards you definitely want to get your hands on this gem. Enjoy this post and if it resonates please leave a comment and share it with your friends.


How To See Your Angels

Guest post by Amy Miller

One of the most common requests I receive is “Help, I can’t see my Angels!”

I’ll let you into a little secret, neither can I.

Well not in the form of a ‘Winged Being’ right in front of my eyes. I may get the odd sparkle of light out of the corner of my eye or see an energy or shape in meditation but I don’t see Angels sitting beside me as the exact forms depicted in the common drawings and illustrations we see of them.

How can you see your Angels?

There are several ways to help answer this question:

1. Change your perception of what you hope to see

If you are a person that has a developed gift of seeing (CLAIRVOYANCE), you likely won’t see a person wearing white with wings. That’s not to say you can’t. In fact, the Irish author Lorna Byrne comes to mind as she talks in her books about seeing Angels as forms but this is likely not the norm.

So what can you look out for to know your Angels are near?

Flashes of light out the corner of your eye, orbs in photographs, seeing Beings during mediation or dreams in the form of whatever resonates with you, through physical signs such as feathers or coins, seeing number sequences everywhere (especially triple numbers such as 111 and 222).

2. Please keep in mind that human beings and animals can be ‘Earth Angels’ so the dog that lights up your life or the mysterious person you meet who shares some guidance with you could be an Angel in disguise.

3. Consider that you may sense Angels in another way


Through feelings (physical or emotional) = CLAIRSENTIENCE

Clairsentience means ‘clear feeling’. Pay attention to when you get tingly sensations or goose bumps; gut feelings; intuitive hunches; strong emotions coming out of the blue; or feeling the presence with an angel with you. They may playfully touch your hair or touch your arm to let you know they are with you.

Through knowingness = CLAIRCOGNIZANCE

Meaning ‘clear knowing’. You just ‘know’, with no explanation. ‘Aha’ moments, being able to fix things with no instructions; random ideas popping into your head; having a strong sense of knowing after something occurs even though you’ve had no experience with it previously; writing or saying things as if someone else is saying it through you.

Through sound = CLAIRAUDIENCE

Meaning ‘clear hearing’. You may receive a high pitched ringing in your ear; through hearing lyrics in songs or songs randomly popping into your head after something special happens; overhearing random conversations; hearing your name upon awakening; hearing angelic music; something standing out on the radio or TV; receiving a warning from a voice when no one else is around; or a loving message whispered into your ear.

A tool to help you develop your relationship with your Angels

One of the tools that has really helped me get to know what senses work best for me and how to develop them is using Angel Oracle Cards. The various Doreen Virtue decks that are available have helped me learn how Angels communicate and what their messages are like. It’s a fun and light-hearted way to approach what works best for you and to learn more about angelic help.

You may be trying too hard

Your Angels want to help you, there’s no need to strain or push, sit back and allow them to do the work (that’s what they’re there for after all!).

Ask for their help: Find a peaceful moment, quieten your mind, breathe deeply and ask a question. Notice what thoughts, feelings, emotions, images or sounds come to you. Let go of the perception of seeing a Winged Being appear right in front of you.

Angels answer all prayers so you will get some sort of impression.  If not, go about your day as normal and look out for signs that they’re guiding you. You may get repetitive signs, inspiration or loving thoughts/feelings. The signs tend to be simple so don’t focus your desire on receiving anything too complex.

Your Angels are with you

Instead of pushing yourself to see your Angel, consider that they may be communicating with you in a different manner. You may be missing their messages because you’re determined to see them in a certain way or you’re looking in the wrong place.

Open your mind to the magical possibilities and allow your relationship with them to grow.

AmyMAmy Miller is a Writer, Energy Healer and blogger at True Shining Self, a space designed to encourage people to be true to themselves and live a shiny, wonderful life.

Amy is passionate about living the life of her dreams and she hopes that by sharing her journey it will encourage others to live to their full potential and follow what their heart longs for in life too.

Her ebook ‘Your Oracle Card Guide: Using Oracle Cards to Receive Guidance, Develop Your Intuition and Find Clarity In Your Life’ is a comprehensive guide on Oracle Cards explaining how to tap into the Universal wisdom and guidance that is available to help live a soul enriched life.

You can connect with Amy on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google +.

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