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Money worries top Britons’ stress lists (according to a recent survey by the Guardian newspaper), and the American Institute of Stress claims that money is the #2 cause of stress in the USA. The landscape looks very similar for other countries across the world.

So, many people lose sleep due to financial stress. Fortunately, the good news is that you really don’t have to live this way.

Having a healthy and loving relationship with Money is within your reach, no matter how your finances look right now. With the right mindset and a few effective tools, which I’m about to share with you, you can totally grow and nourish a blissful Money relationship. 

1. Engagement

Just as it is difficult to form a passionate and satisfying relationship with your loved ones without understanding them, your relationship with Money can certainly be improved from a place of a genuine curiosity and appreciation.

If engaging with Money sounds a little foreign to you, you can start by getting to know Money in its physical forms. For example, collect all of your coins and notes, check out the pictures, graphics, textures, colours and the small print. If you have clients and customers worldwide, then find out what other currencies look like too.

Money, like your partner in a loving relationship or collaboration, enjoys being paid attention to. If you haven’t started tracking all of the Money that comes into your life on a daily, or at least weekly, basis, then definitely start doing so.

While you are getting intimate with Money physically, embrace yourself with the Essence of Abundance. Feel at one with the provision and support that Money can bring into your life.

Once you allow yourself to get close with Money, Money and numbers become less scary.

Here is also a blissful practice you can do to enhance the relationship. Before you go to bed every night, note down everything that money has provided for you, eg, rent, food, bills being paid, growing your project and business. And thank Money for being there for you in order to live a safe life as well as creating your heart’s desires.

If you feel uncomfortable with doing the exercise above, chances are that you are carrying some self-sabotaging beliefs or patterns. You might need to invest some time and energy to clear those limited and imposed beliefs around Money.

You can use many wonderful tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Past Life Regression, or journaling to release those emotional blocks.

2. Commit and re-commit


While you start engaging with Money, paying attention to your books, and focusing on nurturing your “abundance” mindset, you are likely to manifest money out of blue. (You can see that Money is on your side. What a relief!)

You feel so cherished, supported and looked after by Money and the Universe.

But let’s face it, roses don’t blossom in all seasons, occasionally you have fights with even your most beloved ones. After the “honeymoon” stage, your Money relationship might feel “awkward”, “strange”, “boring” or “challenging” at times.

You might manifest events such as clients forgetting to pay you on time or receiving an unexpected bill.

This is perfectly normal.

As your relationship with Money grows, some old patterns might get triggered.

What to do now?

Quit? Or have an affair with the old and comfy “lack” mindset?

No, no, no. You must see the bigger picture and remind yourself of your intention to develop a healthy relationship with Money.

And re-commit to this intention everyday.

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like it at all.

I hear you and I understand.

Here are some of my favourite tools to share with you:

  • Having a daily gratitude list will help you reconnect with the Source energy no matter what;
  • Listening to subliminal audio regularly will train your subconscious mind consistently;
  • Talking to your coach/mentor or soul sisters with honesty can be extremely helpful and nurturing;
  • Ongoing learning on new Money manifesting can always re-ignite the fire between you and your Money

3. Do the practical work

The best motivator is always seeing real results. Each time you get a new sale, the trust between you and Money will be re-confirmed.

So give yourself permission to put your services and products out there on a regular basis.

  • Schedule a few solo sales letters into your newsletter broadcasting system this month.
  • Finish the product you started off several months ago and put it on your website, even if it is not perfect in your eyes yet.
  • Raise your rate (especially you have been feeling depleted by your work for a while) and announce the change to your customers with notice.
  • Hold preview calls or discovery sessions for your new programs/services.

Other practical steps that you can do include:

  • Schedule a “Money date” every month in your calendar, to understand how you are doing financially.
  • Know when your bills are due, and always pay them in time to avoid interest charges.
  • Hire a competent and reliable accountant and tax advisor to take care of your accounts.
  • Automate your finance, for example, put x% aside every month which goes straight into your saving or investment account.

Many creatives get stuck here. If this is you, I want to share this mantra to help you get going and gain momentum:


It is easier to create than not to.

It is easier to launch than not to.

It is easier to make money than not to.”


On closing, remember that you are a sacred, divine being. Your true desires are always met. Money is here to support you, serve you and provide for you. Anything that is conflicting with this truth (eg, your self-worth struggle, the thought of “money is dirty”) simply needs to be released rather than being carried with you.

Every time you make a decision to nourish a healthy relationship with Money, you also contribute to heal our planet. Gratitude to you!

All my love,


yiye zhangLoving MoneyBio

Yiye Zhang, Intuitive Business Advisory for Lightworker Entrepreneurs. Yiye was made in China and shipped to the UK at 17. After graduating as a Maths & Physics student and building her 6-figure financial consulting business, she took the leap and honoured her higher calling by creating a virtual lighthouse for you (http://yourlifeexpression.com). Through her signature Money First Aid Kit and VIP services, she helps you remove your entrepreneurial blocks and fast-track your financial & spiritual freedom. When she is not at work, you may find her at the Shaolin Temple or Tate Modern. 



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