Hello dear soul sister,

How are you? At this time of the year I often feel like the world is spinning faster and faster. Instead of getting caught up in the end of year frenzy I now make space for extra self care and fun. This is especially true when I think that “I don’t have time for it”. I’m sure you know what I mean :). I also clear out and let go of as many things that I don’t want in my life as possible. This means I don’t send Christmas cards to people I think I “should” send them too and I don’t attend any parties, events, school stuff I don’t actually want to go to.

I’m a big believer in walking my talk so you won’t see me spending tons of money buying mountains of gifts for my children or the whole extended family. I love keeping my life simple and authentic during the holiday season too. For me, this means buying a few gifts that I truly love for the people who are the closest to me.

What matters the most to me during this season (and the rest of the year :) ) is to spend time with the people I love. We gather at someone’s house, cook delicious meals that we take the time to savour (without stuffing ourselves) and then we go for long walks, read in bed and really enjoy each others company.

I’ve tried many ways of celebrating Christmas and now feel totally free to celebrate it (or not) in any way I like. If you already feel stressed about trying to please everyone and enjoy yourself I invite you to do one thing you really love. And let go of one thing you really don’t like.

By taking one step at a time we create new habits and it becomes easier to move towards our own dreams.

If you’re looking for beautiful, meaningful and intentional gifts for this season I’d love to share some of my favourites. Please let me know in the comments what your favourite gifts are (or if you make something super special that you wish to share).

Gifts for you or your loved ones:

  • Intentional jewelry from the lovely sisters at Violet Gray Design. I love my chakra necklace, bracelets and ring by them. And my hippe friends love them too!
  • These gorgeous and powerful Abundant SHEro Oracle Cards created by my dear friend Rebecca Kane.
  • Books! I’m loving Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert), Daring Greatly (Brené Brown), Infinite Purpose (Lori Portka & Liv Lane) and the Desire Map (Danielle Laporte) at the moment.
  • Anything by Lori Portka! I love her cards and prayer flags so much and the energy is so vibrant and loving!
  • All kinds of flower and crystal essences to support you or someone you love.
  • A New Year Intuitive Reading for yourself or for someone else. I love offering these so much!
  • Longing to nourish your soul in a sacred women’s circle? My dear friend Jackie Stewart is opening the doors for Soul Sanctuary 2016. You’ll explore your inner world with powerful meditations, learn about flower essences and experience deep (yet gentle) transformation with a host of loving resources and inspiring guest teachers. I’m so honoured to be guest teaching again next year!









Gifts for your business or your entrepreneur friends:

  • Want to give yourself and your business a wonderful gift? Join our amazingly practical + intuitive No Limits! live event for heart-centred entrepreneurs like you. Find out all about it & sign up here. Get your ticket by December 31 to save 100 euros AND have the chance to win an amazing prize by our incredible speakers.
  • Rule your life & business like a wise woman — with clear boundaries, inner authority, and flexibility. Join the lovely Hiro Boga on January 5 for a free preview teleclass for her powerful program How to Rule Your World From The Inside Out that starts on January 18.
  • Leonie Dawson’s workbooks for Life and Business are amazing gifts both for you and your friends/clients/colleagues. There are separate workbooks so they can also be used for only Life stuff. Great investment and this year they are so shiny and filled with great prompts, questions and tools to plan your year. (if you use my affiliate link you also enter a give-away to win a reading with me :) )

I wish you a peaceful and love-filled end of the year, my sweet friend!

With all my love and gratitude,






PS: You are amazing!


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