I am so happy and excited to welcome the wonderful and loving Jackie Stewart! Jackie is my very first guest blogger and I am so grateful that she accepted to write about her and Jason Smalley’s enchanted journey into the world of Barefoot Breathing. 

I am doing the free 10 Steps to Sooth Your Soul in Nature and it is pure magic : ). I can’t wait to join them for the Barefoot Breathing e-course this spring.


Connecting with the Spirit of Nature

We don’t always feel the presence of spirit guides in the buzz and busy of our daily lives, so we must remember to slow down often and become quiet enough to notice them.

Spirit guides don’t have a physical form, so in order to hear their guidance, assistance and insight we raise our vibration to match theirs. Healing, silence, meditation, laughing, nature and media breaks all help to raise our vibration and open us to spiritual guidance.

I used to think that spirit guides were purely celestial beings like angels, archangels and ascended masters and such earthy beings as animal guides, fairies and nature spirits. Over the years I’ve discovered that we can tap into the spirit of a place or a plant to be guided by their wisdom too.  Everything that is living or has lived has consciousness and a spirit to it, and when we connect to the living spirit of nature we access a huge web of information.

This become clearer than ever last year when nature photographer Jason Smalley and I began a process of reconnecting with nature that would change our lives forever. We started making flower essences together last April, connecting with the spirit of plant and place with meditation and Shamanic journeying. 

As we sat with the flowers asking to be shown how they heal, we both wrote down the information we received in our journals. After a couple of hours we read our journal entries to each other. Much of the information we’d received was the same in both journals – sometimes word for word! Although we’d been silent during the process and not shared our sensations with each other, we’d both picked up on the same themes and feelings and healing properties.

We took the essences we’d made to test them out, and our connection to nature became deeper and more profound than ever before. One day we felt inspired to take our shoes off and take 100 barefoot breaths in a mossy pine woodland. As we closed our eyes and listened, the trees began to move and sing to us.

They sang flute-like notes and we breathed our connection through the soles of our feet into the moss as the music surged around us. Neither of us had ever heard anything like it and we laughed at how beautiful, amazing and crazy it was! It was a nature symphony playing right next to us. Jason recorded it on his phone so that we knew we hadn’t just imagined it!
Deep in our bones we knew it was a call to action. The spirit of the earth herself as a living conscious being was cheering us on for going barefoot on the land and guiding us to share this practice with others. 

From that moment our e-course Barefoot Breathing began to evolve, and we spent the next few months in daily barefoot connection with nature asking to be guided to activities to share in the course. We received so much wisdom and inspiration and guidance simply by taking our shoes off outside, quieting our busy minds and listening. Always listening. Through our feet, our hearts and all our senses. We discovered a connection so precious and so profound it blasted our hearts wide open with joy and feelings of soul-deep connection.

It will be the same for you too. 

We humans are the only creatures out of 30 million species on the planet that place a shoe between the soles of our feet and the body of the earth. We keep stepping further and further away from nature and somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten how to truly honour and nurture our relationship with the earth. It’s time to find our way back to nature again. 

Connecting with the spirit of nature is a two-way partnership because physical beings are needed to turn guidance into action otherwise it only exists in the ether.  This is a sacred act of co-creation with the spirit of nature; the heart of the earth herself. 

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

So kick off your shoes somewhere outdoors where you feel safe. It can be your own garden, a neighbour’s garden, a city park or a wild place. Close your eyes and turn your awareness to your breath. Take 100 slow deep breaths and listen. Do it as often as you can and see how your life changes in subtle and magical ways. Notice the guidance and inspiration that comes to you, and act on it. Everyday miracles will happen.

We’d love you to join us for our free experience 10 Steps to Soothe Your Soul in Nature where you can explore barefoot breathing with us, one step at a time.  

We’re offering the Barefoot Breathing e-course in spring, summer and autumn this year and the spring course begins on Sunday 4th March.  We’d love to share this beautiful journey to the heart of nature with you. 

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Bio: Jackie Stewart is the co-creator of 10 Steps to Soothe Your Soul in Nature and the Barefoot Breathing e-course. She offers soul support using flower and crystal essences, guided meditation and spiritual counselling at www.flowerspirit.co.uk.
All images by Jason Smalley (www.jasonsmalley.co.uk)

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