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I hope you are having a beautiful day and that you are enjoying the sunshine. After a rainy and cold month of May I am spending every minute I can soaking up the sunshine. As you may know I live in a gorgeous village in the south of France and this place is full of magical spots. Here is one of them:

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Today I am SO happy and excited to announce that the awesome Jen Saunders at Wild Sister Magazine has created a very unique package that will only be available for 72 hours. The sale starts on Monday June 3rd at 7PM EDT (USA) /Tuesday June 4th 9AM EST (Australia) so get ready to grab it before it’s too late.

I am so honored to be one of the 20 awesome women who are contributing to this package – and 5 $ goes to sponsoring girls education with She’s The First!


What You Get

All these digital products are included in this virtual goody bag, either as the original product file or as a link to a page where you can access the product, such as an eCourse page on the contributor’s website.


1. Chakra Healing Goddess Meditation Kit + 2013 Create Your Incredible Year Life + Biz Workbooks {$69.85}
from Founder of the Amazing Biz + Life Academy + Author, Leonie Dawson.

The Chakra Healing Goddess Meditation Kit is a 30 minute long audio MP3, that guides you on a beautiful journey to cleanse your chakras, heal and feel all gorgeously light and shiny.

The  2013 Create Your Incredible Year – Life + Business Edition e-workbooks are filled with dozens of pages of worksheets and a printable calendar to help you dream, manifest, set your intentions, plan and grow your amazing year.

2. The Party Girl’s Guide to Peace eCourse – Week 1 + 5 Steps To Killer Confidence eBook {$33}
from Life Coach, Speaker, Writer + Crystal Healer, Tara Bliss.

In The Party Girl’s Guide to Peace eCourse – Week 1, you’ll crack through your fears and identify what you believe are the possible negative outcomes from living a more fulfilled, peaceful life.

In the 5 Steps To Killer Confidence eBook, the five steps build upon each other, so starting from Step One, let the pen hit the paper. Take your time. This is transformative work, and implementation is key. Absorb the knowledge, fill out the worksheets, expand. Lather, rinse, repeat.

3. The Wellness Warrior Starter Kit + 10 Day Cleanse eBook {$15}
from Author, Speaker + Wellness Warrior, Jess Ainscough.

All of the powerful principles Jess lives by as a Wellness Warrior, broken down into simple, easy-to-implement wellness wisdom nuggets.

This e-book also includes an outline for a 10-day cleanse.

4. Self-Love + Sisterhood Event Audio MP3 {$15}
from Earth Events Director, Yvette Luciano.

Earth Events was officially launched with a ‘Self-Love and Sisterhood’ tour in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in March and April 2013.

The events featured a blog-star panel of Jessica Ainscough, Melissa Ambrosini, Amanda Rootsey and Tara Bliss.

This is the Audio MP3 recording of the inspiring Sydney event.

5. Happy, Healthy, Abundant eCourse {$79}
from Soul Abundance Coach + Intuitive, Jia Ni Teo.

The Happy Healthy Abundant in 6 Weeks e-Course will help you glow with happiness, health, as well as attract more opportunities and magic into your life.

6. The ABCs of Self-Love eBook {$8}
from Founder of popular lifestyle blog Positively Present + Author, Dani DiPirro.

Whether you’re confronted with little inklings of self-doubt or you’re a full-blown self-hater, this guide has been created to help you fall in love with the person you spend every second of your life with: you.

7. 7 Ways To Love Yourself eBook + Self-Love Meditation MP3 {$37}
from Sacred Self Founder + Lovepreneur, Michelle Marie McGrath.
+ FREE aromatherapy oil with any purchase of another oil of the same value from Michelle’s online store! {$49}

7 ways to Love Yourself ebook is an exploration into the various ways we can incorporate self-love into our daily lives. Self-love is about taking responsibility for our own needs. It looks at how we can think more loving thoughts, connect more with our feelings and take loving action.

The Self-Love Meditation is designed to guide into loving yourself gently and peacefully.

8. Breathe Peace eBook, Metta in Mantras Meditation Kit + Intention of the Everyday eProgram {$87}
from Roots of She Founder, Jenn Gibson.

In Breathe Peace: Filling Your Self-Care Toolbox, you’ll get practical, grounded ways to introduce self-care into your everyday, and rich tools and resources designed to bring space, ease and calm into your life. Because self-care isn’t selfish – it’s the height of generosity.

Metta in Mantras: A Guided Meditation Kit is your starting point for introducing meditation into your self-care practice.

Intention of the Every Day is a 14-day program to guide you in beginning your day in a peacefilled and grounded way.

9. 28 Loving Reawakenings eCourse, Love Your Body The Way It Is eBook + 101 Self-Care Hacks eBook {$159.98}
from Self-Love Advocate, Body Image Expert + Founder of AnneSophie.us, Anne-Sophie Reinhardt.

28 Loving Reawakenings is a 4-week program that will help you make loving changes in your daily life and come to a place of deep understanding of yourself and caring for yourself.

In Love Your Body The Way It Is, learn how Anne-Sophie fell in love with her body despite gaining weight and how you can love yourself too.

In 101 Self-Care Hacks, you’ll find 101 self-care tips and tricks to inspire you to take your first steps into building a powerful, self-nurturing self-love routine.

10. 100 Days of Colour eProgram {$27}
from Artist + Blogger Jessica Swift.

Each morning when you wake up, for 100 days in a row, an email from Jessica will be waiting for you with an inspiring image. They will be oh-so-colorful. They will all have a potent message – either a quote that Jessica loves, or a message from her – to wake up your heart, to help you sit in a moment of gratitude, for you to carry through your day.

11. Permission to Curve eBook + Video Library {$97}
from Curvy Yoga Founder + Champion for Women’s Empowerment, Anna Guest-Jelley.

Permission to CURVE is a collection of 60+ poses & sun salutations for yogis of every size, age & ability. At its root, this book and video library is about radical self-kindness, finding a yoga practice that works for uniquely wonderful you.

12. Vegie Head Vegan Essentials eBook {$14.95}
from Vegie Head Founder, Adele.

In Vegie Head Vegan Essentials eBook, you’ll find over 30 international dishes, all plant based and created with love. Breakfast, juices, smoothies, light meals, dinners and desserts; all simple, nourishing, hearty, and healthy.

13. The Quote Oracle eBook, On a Blue Day Workbook + 5 Card Self-Love Oracle Reading {$131.95}
from Intuitive Coach, Lightworker + Urban Priestess, Jess Carlson.

The Quote Oracle is a unique and fun way to seek wisdom to help you through any question or situation that you might be dealing with.

The On A Blue Day Workbook is a mini-workbook designed to help kick depression in the ass.

The 5 Card Self-Love Oracle Reading is a 5 card spread and Universal Angel message of self-love. You’ll also find tips for doing a reading for yourself, including a short meditation to get you ready for the task!

14. Communicate With Your Spirit Guide eKit {$89}
from Intuitive Guide + Coach, Karina Ladet.

The Communicate with your Spirit Guide Kit is an enchanted journey that will take you into the world of magic and love that is already a part of You.

During this time you will learn very simple but powerful tools to help you remember how to communicate consciously with your Guide.

15. DIY Kinesiology eKit {$59}
from Kinesiologist + Blogger, Kerry Belviso.

In the DIY Kinesiology Kit, Kerry teaches her Alignment Process, which will help you identify and clear what is blocking you from achieving your goals and create greater alignment.

When you are aligned, your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and words are all supporting you to achieve your goal – you’re not fighting an internal battle with yourself anymore! You feel calmer, more connected to yourself and have greater clarity.

16. This Is Your Brain Off Of Self-Doubt eCourse {$14.99}
from Women’s Leadership + Wellbeing Expert, Poet + Author, Tara Mohr.

In This Is Your Brain Off Of Self-Doubt, you’ll learn; how to recognize your inner critic and separate it’s voice from your own best thinking; what you can do in the important moments to restore your confidence, and act in alignment with your own dreams for your life, rather than out of fear and self-doubt; and how to experience more freedom, confidence, and self-doubt-free daily joy.

17. Peace, Love + Connection eBook + Flying By The Seat Of My Soul eBook {$21.90}
from Courage Coach, Author + Founder of The Bold Life, Tess Marshall.

With Peace, Love and Connection, be inspired to live boldly, authentically, make the most out of your glorious journey, and rise up to your divine potential

With Flying By The Seat Of My Soul, become comfortable with who you are and gain a feeling of love for today and hope for tomorrow as you work through the soul stretching exercies that complete each chapter.

18. Yoga 101 eBook + 101 Selfish Acts eBook {$15}
from Life Coach, Yoga Teacher + Creator of Selfish For 27 Days, Susana Frioni.

In Yoga 101, learn everything you need to know about starting a yoga practice, including Susana’s personal journey from teaching hardcore Group Fitness to teaching Yoga.

101 Selfish Acts is a practical guide to putting your SELF first. An inspirational guide to expand your ideas on how you can be more Selfish.

19. Be Yourself, Be Beautiful eBook {$15.95}
from Life + Business Coach + Author, Julie Parker.

The Be Yourself Be Beautiful eBook contains 30 inspirational quotes written to inspire you to love and honour the most important person in your life.

20. Body Bliss 101 eProgram {$19.97}
from Founder + Host of the Body Image Revolution International Telesummit, Sandy Ross.

This Body Bliss 101 10 Days course uses the transformational tool, EFT, to help you build a new relationship with your body and your self.

21. 10 past editions of Wild Sister Magazine {$50}
from Creator of Wild Sister Magazine + the Wild Sisterhood, Jen Saunders.

Wild Sister is a lifestyle + inspiration e-magazine for women who crave empowerment, sisterhood + freedom to be themselves.

Each edition, you’ll meet inspiring women + read their stories, receive expert advice for living a more positive life, as well as learn yoga + discover healthy living tips.

Total Value: $1,109.54 – Only $97!

If this package is calling you get yours over at the Wild Sister website here.

I wish you a beautiful day!

With love,






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