I had a great time last week-end connecting with my husband’s family. He’s got 4 sisters and brothers and in total there are 6 children. Let’s say it took a bit of organizing to get everyone together for a week-end ; ). We rented a gorgeous B&B out in the French countryside and we all spent a long time eating amazing food and drinking great wine. Ah, the French do know how to make wonderful meals and even after hours of eating you feel OK because the food is so healthy and well-prepared.

Between meals we all went for long walks enjoying the beautiful scenery. Mountains, mysterious stones and lots of cows : ). The kids were running around laughing and I spent hours talking to my sweet and funny sisters-in-law. One of them, Mélissa, even took time out to take lots of great photos of me for this blog. She’s a very talented photographer and a beautiful person.

On our way back home on Sunday evening I suddenly realized that this is also my family now. I’ve known them for over 10 years and we are growing closer and closer. It was magical to watch our children play with their cousins, as if they had known each other forever. They don’t meet up very often but I’m always amazed by the bonds that connect them.

Big Dreams

Today I have taken some pretty huge steps towards a Big Dream of mine. I’ve been doing readings (channeling my guides and angels) for people for years now but I’ve wanted to organize a course where people learn how to communicate with their guides and angels themselves. This is such a profound and life-altering experience that I’ve been longing to share it for over 10 years now. It is slowly becoming a reality : ).

I’ll be going to Sweden to attend an alternative fair in March/April and I’ve decided to organize a Channeling Course while I’m there. Now that I have the plane ticket I have to do it ; ). I’m looking for a place to have the course and as soon as that is done I’ll be talking about it all over the internet : ).

I can’t wait! And I am also really nervous!

Take care and remember that you are a beautiful person.

Love, Karina

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