This is a guest post by my dear friend, the energy worker, teacher and intuitive. Rebecca Kane. Enjoy her story!


20 years ago when someone mentioned the word ‘energy healing’ to me, I looked at them as though they were a little mad, I liked the idea, but didn’t really believe it. To me it was a bit like the tooth fairy, a nice idea, but really?

Then a couple of years later, after I had tried everything else, I reluctantly went to see an energy worker, who practiced Kinesiology, to help clear up the eczema that had taken over my whole body, seemingly out of nowhere.

I lay on the practitioners couch, and to be honest I thought she was a little crazy if she thought wiggling my arm, asking me to think phrases and using essences (that I didn’t even physically take!) was going to make any difference.

I was polite, I smiled, and said thank you and then left with no intention what so ever of going back.

However, the strangest thing happened, my skin stopped weeping, I was still red and shiny, but I didn’t have to change my clothes 3—4 times a day! I didn’t care if I stayed red forever more, this was huge for me.

So I went back.

And sure enough my skin completely cleared up and the eczema has never come back!

I had gone under protest and as a last resort, I was a complete sceptic and didn’t think it would work at all, what else could I do but book myself on the next course and learn more about this energy therapy Kinesiology?

I’ve been practising ever since.

Very quickly in my practice, and then after working with 100’s and 100’s of clients, it become clear to me, that in most cases the physical symptoms that my clients presented me with were actually a result of an underlying imbalance in what the client wanted to be doing, and how they were actually living their lives.

These symptoms were presenting as socially acceptable ways of screaming that part of them wasn’t happy.

This unconscious energetic tug of war also left many clients feeling exhausted.

As we cleared away the energetic blocks, fears and patterns that had kept them feeling stuck, they were able to make choices that were in alignment with their desires and ultimately who they were, many remembering the truth of who they were for the first time in decades.

This energetic alignment is crucial in all areas of our life, especially our relationships, but also our businesses.

Over the last five years I’ve worked with an increasing number of entrepreneurs, and I have seen two key patterns emerging.

Number one:

The entrepreneurs that have followed all the rules; the 5 step-plan, the structured e-mails the sequences and scripts, yet are still not getting the results that they want, are usually energetically out of alignment with an area of their business. No matter how hard they try, they feel like they are failing, so they try harder, implement another business plan or system and yet they still don’t see the results. They are headed for burn-out.

Number two:

The entrepreneurs have come up against their own limiting beliefs and aren’t aware that they are perhaps sabotaging their own efforts. Once again what they want and what they are subconsciously prepared to ‘allow’ themselves is out of alignment. They often feel that they are taking three steps forward and then one step back. Leaving them feeling frustrated and that they are fighting an uphill battle.

In both cases once the energy is bought back into alignment, it is much easier for them to move forward as they are no longer ‘fighting’ against their own energy patterns.

Bringing the energy back into alignment may mean removing the blocks or patterns that are keeping them stuck. However sometimes it’s about changing the way that they do things, such as ditching the 5 step plan and doing things in a way that feels right for them, sometimes it means changing the way that a program is being delivered. And sometimes, like was the case for me, it can mean changing your business altogether.

These, often small, changes can have a huge impact on not only the clients overall wellbeing, but on the profitability of their business too.

Over the last 15 years of being in practice, there isn’t a day that goes by when I’m not reminded of the magic of energy, and how by taking as much care of our energy systems as we do the material things in our life can really open us up to abundance in all areas of our life.


Rebecca Kane is an energy worker, a teacher and an intuitive. She uses energy techniques to release the baggage from the past, so her clients can create a fresh start. She shows people how to reconnect deeply to themselves and move their lives forward. Sometimes her work looks like the sharing of wisdom, other times it looks like coaching, but she loves it most of all, when it looks like energy healing… Over the past 15 years, Rebecca has worked with 1000’s of people, to help them improve an area of their life, because they’ve felt held back or frustrated. What they’ve walked away with is a sense or freedom, clarity and a deep sense of nourishment. A greater sense of what’s truly important to them and having identified and released the patterns that have been holding them back from expressing their true selves.

You can find Rebecca on Shine On Raw and Your SHEro’s Journey.


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