I am so excited, happy and nervous to be announcing the Launch of My Very First E-course!!!!!!!

This is a huge dream of mine and I honestly never thought I would do it so soon. What made this miracle possible was the unbelievably generous and loving support I have received from my amazing Soul Sisters at the gorgeous Leonie’s Goddess Circle as well as my inspiring readers. Both on this blog and on the Swedish one.

I feel so happy and safe to grow wings in the Sacred Space created within the Women’s Circles I am a part of, both online and IRL. Thank you for your Love and Inspiration!

My Soul’s Purpose
I love receiving messages from my spirit guides and sharing these uplifting messages with anyone who feels the call. Ever since I started channeling over 10 years I had a vision of sharing this with many others.

Communicating with Spirit and my guides and angels is my Soul’s Purpose.

This Sacred Work is what I love doing and I wish to share the very simple but so powerful tools I have been given with You.

If you feel the call in your Heart or in your Soul to join me and a lovely tribe of wise women (and men), do sign up and we will create miracles together.

You can sign up to the e-course here.

We are all parts of the Sacred Web. We all have our own gifts and wisdom to share.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for showing up As You Are.

You are Beautiful. 

You are Loved. 


May all our Wildest and Most Beautiful Dreams come true and may us all Walk in Beauty. Together.

With all my Love and deep Gratitude,


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