Hello sweet soul!

I am so happy to meet you again here this week. I’ve just come home from an amazing weekend up in the mountains here in the south of France and I feel so filled with energy and I’m excited to write and create even more things to share with you all. I promise to share my weekend adventures in a post very soon!

Today I havCASLsidebar-300x300e the great pleasure to share a video interview that I did with the lovely intuitive coach, healer and yoga teacher Corona Brady. Corona is such a sweet and inspiring young woman and I had the pleasure to meet her when I was in Sydney last year and she’s just as amazing as she seems online. I’ve also had the privilege to take a peak at her program Creating A Soulful Life when she created it last spring and it’s amazing! So complete and filled with support and awesome bonuses if you long to live a more soulful life. And honestly – who doesn’t!

This program keeps growing and getting better so if you want to know more, check out Corona’s website here and if you feel called to join, get ready to jump in on September 15. I am a proud affiliate for this program and only ever become an affiliate when I know and trust the product or service and the person behind it.


Corona Brady

Corona Brady is a Heart and Soul Infused Life Coach, Yoga teacher and Energy Healer. But more than all that, she’s a seeker. A searcher. A deep-down diver into all things soulful. Corona truly believes that way too many beautiful, amazing women are struggling in their lives because they’ve turned away from their truth. Their essence. Basically, they’ve lost touch with their soul. Her mission is to help women reconnect with that innermost part of themselves, the light that’s always shining underneath the surface.

Corona coaches, teaches, speaks and writes from a space of truth, heart, soul, intuition and love over at NurturePod. She’s the creator of Creating A Soulful Life – A 12 Week course on Diving Deep, Shining Bright and Living A Life You Love.

You can find her here: Facebook – Twitter – Blog – Pinterest – Instagram 

I wish you a beautiful day! Keep shining, gorgeous soul : ).





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