I can feel how I’m slowly getting into the end of the year mood. Now is the time when I look back at my year and see what happened. What dreams came true and what didn’t work out as I planned.

So far I’m spending quiet time with myself and I’ve felt the strong urge to quit sugar and coffee (again ; )
and to meditate every morning – even if it’s only for 5 minutes. I’m on my second day and I feel good. As usual for me it’s more difficult to decide to make a change than it is to actually do it. My sugar cravings have disappeared under layers of rice crackers with peanut butter and oranges : ).

In the last few weeks I have given my mind/brain/ego all the space it has asked for and this has resulted in daydreams about the following topics:

  • I inherit a huge amount of money from a relative I’ve never heard of. Each time I daydream about this the amount increases.
  • I meet a very rich prince charming who sweeps me off my feet and all my problems dissapear. 
  • Someone Very Important, like Oprah, contacts me regarding an incredible work opportunity that will give me instant fame and fortune.

These interesting daydreams are also accompanied by lots of surfing around on very successful people’s websites thinking of how unfair life is and how I will never make a decent living doing what I love.

This doesn’t quite sound like me, does it? Well, although I accept (with difficulty ; ) that this is also a part of me it seems very clear that when I start having these thoughts I am not giving myself the space and care I need. 

I’m a pretty optimistic person and I easily see the good parts in most people I meet. Since I started my own business 10 months ago I have been so amazed by all the beautiful souls who have crossed my path. My clients are such brave and loving people with a true longing for deeper meaning and growth in their lives. I am a part of Leonie Dawson’s Goddess Circle where I have met some of the most incredible and generous women ever. Four of the women I met in the circle are now part of an amazing MasterMind Group where the support and love is endless. Hello, Abundance!

So why am I in this space of thinking that if only I had lots of money my life would be different, easier, better?  

One reason for this is that I sabotaged myself by thinking that everything was going too well and that my life flowed too easily. How is that ever possible??? I guess having grown up with the mantras “Work hard”, “Life isn’t easy” has definitely influenced me. But one of the big reasons is that I stopped taking time out for myself. I stopped going for long walks and I stopped doing things just for fun.

Having a family with young children can sometimes be very intense and I easily loose myself in all the attention I so freely give to them. Of course having a family means being immersed in unconditional love and that is gorgeous but I know how important it is to also take time off to take care of myself.

If you are feeling tired or if you need to get into a healthier mind set here are my top 3 ways to feel better:

  • Go outside! Even if it’s cold or if the rain is pouring down, get your warm clothes on and go for a walk. Nothing soothes our souls like Mother Nature. Even if you only spend a few moments outside it will lift your spirit.
  • Eat well. I know, if you’re anything like me all you want to eat is chocolate and comfort food but don’t. If you crave sweetness make a great dessert using raw food (dates, raw chocolate, bananas). The right food balances your body and helps you feel better.
  • Spend some quiet time alone. You can meditate, do yoga or just sit down and breathe slowly. When my mind is buzzing too much to keep quiet I listen to a guided meditation. Jackie Stewart offers these for free and they are just Beautiful.

Wow, I really stepped out of my comfort zone sharing this much about what goes on in my head but I feel lighter and hope that it will help you to read about someone else struggling with the same monsters as you do : ).

Sending you all my Love,

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