Registrations will be open from Tuesday March 20th (Spring Equinox : ) 
until Sunday April 22nd.
The e-course will run April 22nd – May 27th.

The Communicate with your Spirit Guides e-course is a 5 week long enchanted journey that will take you into the world of magic and love that is already a part of You. During this time you will learn very simple but powerful tools to help you discover and learn how to communicate consciously with your Guides.

You are a Beautiful Soul and your Guides are always by your side. They are here to help you and guide you whenever you need them. Maybe you have already sensed them or even communicated with them but you have a deep longing to reconnect with them on a regular basis.

My intention for this e-course is to create a safe and loving space where you are free to explore the tools I use to connect with my Guides. I am so grateful and happy to be sharing this beautiful journey of discovering a part of yourself.

Opening up to your Guides and their powerful energy will help you heal and expand beyond what you think is possible. Our Guides are loving beings surrounded by light and part of their mission is to help each and every one of us to heal and remember why we are here.

I don’t have a name for this divine energy but you could call it God, Goddess, Great Mystery, Source, All that Is. What I do know is that communicating with your Guides can change your life forever. You will experience your life from a higher perspective and know deep in your heart that you are loved. Always.

When you learn how to communicate with your guides you will open up your heart and that will fill you with so much joy and gratitude.

I have never done any spiritual work before. Is this course for me?
Yes! All you need is to have an open heart and a deep wish to open up to your guides. They know you. They are longing to connect with you. Trust your inner voice and trust your guides.

I am an experienced healer/intuitive/tarot reader/alternative practitioner. Is this course for me?
Yes! You have probably already received messages in some form from your Guides. This course will allow you to deepen this connection and you will also learn how to receive written messages for yourself and for your clients. Learning how to channel creates spiritual growth on so many levels.

I am an artist/painter/dancer/singer/writer. Is this course for me?
Yes : ). When you create you are in an inspired state of being. This connects you with the life energy that holds us all. Learning how to channel can help you reconnect with this energy if you are feeling blocked or fearful. It also deepens your creative connection in order for you to expand both personally and professionally.

What you will receive during this e-course
  • Five videos full of wisdom (some giggles too ; ) and powerful tools to encourage you to communicate with something from nature, meet with your Gorgeous Guide in a very special place, and to receive messages for yourself and from a partner from your guides.
  • Five beautiful and inspiring e-books to help you create the clear and sacred space you need and to open up to spiritual guidance.
  • Five gorgeous guided meditations that will take you on an enchanted journey into the land of magic (PS: It’s inside you  : ).
  • Access to an amazing tribe of beautiful souls (and me : ) on our online forum for 6 months.

Why take this course? You will:

  • receive one on one spiritual guidance
  • feel so loved and showered with light by your guides
  • experience amazing spiritual growth
  • have so much more faith in life and in yourself
  • become even more intuitive
  • feel so strong and centered
  • rediscover your Life’s Purpose
  • become so much more creative and courageous
  • share deep and transformative experiences with your online Tribe
  • have so much fun! (your guides have a great sense of humour ; )
Do you hear the call of your soul? Join us!
Registrations will open on Tuesday March 20th and the e-course 
will start on Sunday April 22nd.
If you have any questions or wish to know more about the course, I would love to connect with you by e-mail [email protected]

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