Hello lovely,

It’s been a big week for me with so much work and also the beginning of the school holidays here in France. The weather is absolutely beautiful and all I want to do is go outside and play in the sunshine. So I try to balance my days with some work and some play. Oh, the juggling act of having your own business :).

Today I’ve recorded a video about boundaries. This is such an important and BIG topic and especially if you’re sensitive and work as an intuitive of some kind. I’m sharing my journey with boundaries (it’s been a wild ride!) and also how you can improve yours if this is a challenge for you.

I hope this video is useful and please share with your tribe if you wish. Thank you!

Beaming you so much love and sunshine,


PS: You are beautiful!

Another PS: I use an energy process every day to clear my energies and strengthen my boundaries. I know that so many of you struggle with this so I’ve created a guided meditation to support you with this. You can find out more and download your copy here. Enjoy!












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