I am sitting here on the green grass in my garden, eating gorgeous raisin that our neighbour just gave us. The sun is warm on my skin and the weather is mild enough so I can take off my shoes and sit barefoot on the ground. I am still numb and exhausted from a week of a massive flu and my head is hurting. That’s ok. I’m still here and I think I really needed a break. 
A break from my repetitive negative talk and a break from doing, doing, doing. I am a Good Girl and I always feel the need to do more, better, faster – no matter how much I do it’s never enough. So once in a while my body takes over and smacks me over the head. It’s all for my own good. I can see that now. I used to get really angry at it but now I try to accept what is. 
Apart from lots of time lying down in bed and just breathing, followed by slow movement and reading books in bed with my children I also realized a couple of great things.
Slowing down and not doing has showed me this:
  • I need to walk my talk. Instead of talking to many different people about the same problems day in and day out I need to focus on saying exactly how I feel to the one person whom it concerns. Calmly and clearly. It’s as simple as that.
  • I need to use my energy wisely. Instead of running around trying to be everywhere and do everything I should focus on what I really want to do and do that. I can’t work all day, every day anymore and I actually don’t want to so if I want to get my Big Work done I have to stay focused on that.
  • I need to allow myself to feel my own emotions and accept them as they are. Lately I have been riding on a happy wave and I was starting to forget what it feels like to be in a lot of pain and to go through difficult life situations. Getting thrown into a very painful situation that also involved one of my children was a great way to get back on track. Pain can be really intense and it is ok to feel it. It is not until it has been fully expressed and accepted that it can start to heal. Not before that. So thank you Life for filling my heart up with love and compassion again.
  • I need time off to do nothing. Ah! What a surprise : ). I have such a hard time letting go of my work. I love what I do and I’m always doing something related to it. Or thinking about it. A lot! But I know in my heart that I need to disconnect from work and just take it easy and play more. So this time I’m scheduling in free days and when I won’t touch my computer all day. So there, I said it, now I have to do it : ).
I’m also being coached by the amazing Tara Bliss and so far I’m having a great time. She’s given me a bunch of great things to do and you can see one of them below. 
 This is my Vision Board and I LOVE it. Just looking at it makes me smile and I had a beautiful moment creating it. As the weather was lovely yesterday I sat outside, drinking a yummy red smoothie and created away. I felt like a kid and it was just what I needed. If you’re thinking of getting a coach, check out Tara and sign up on her waiting list. 
This month I am getting more serious about developing my business so getting a coach and joining Leonie Dawson’sBusiness Goddess e-course were two things I really wanted to do to get a good start.
I’m also getting really excited to be launching SoulTribe with Pernilla in only 10 days!! If you wish to be a part of our amazing Tribe make sure you sign up for our newsletter here and keep your eyes open when we open the doors to our website on October 15th. There will be a gorgeous giveaway so you can win some of our products and services. We are so excited to be sharing this beautiful journey with us. We’ve been preparing it for months.
So, how are you feeling today? I would love to know.

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