I have been wanting to write a post about the awesome Medicine Wheel Reading that the oh-so-talented and intuitive Lutgart did for me at the beginning of this year.

In Leonie’s Beautiful 2012 Workbook she suggests that we draw a card for each month of the new year. Being a sucker for oracle cards I felt so called to do this. I use Jamie Sams gorgeous Sacred Path cards and I really liked the way my year looked. When Lutgart so generously offered me a Medicine Wheel Reading I was so happy to say YES!

Lutgart uses best-selling author and healer Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching Oracle Cards and is a certified Soul Coach herself.

My 2012 Year Card was this one:

I love this card and think it is so appropriate for what I am about to create in my life. I am starting up a business doing what I love. I’m pretty good at using my intuitive side and listening to my own voice and all that but I really need to be efficient and focused right now. The balance between both sides seems so important and probably will be for the year that has started.

I wasn’t familiar with Denise Linn or her Oracle Cards but I love the symbols and the beautiful colous. The cards are so full of light and yet the images are quite simple.

Anyway, if my year turns out half as awesome as Lutgart predicts in her reading I will be one happy woman, I can tell you that : ). The gorgeous cards with the wise and loving words from Lutgart were such a sweet start to my year.

If you are interested in a reading for yourself, do contact Lutgart at [email protected] She is a kind and very intuitive soul and I highly recommend her readings.

I wish you all a sweet evening and a great New Moon!

Love, Karina

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