I must admit that Christmas is not my favourite time of the year. I’ve had my fair share of good memories growing up but I always feel a little sad when the holiday season starts. As if something (someone?) is missing. My dad died at the end of October (in 1980) and I clearly remember our first Christmas without him. I think my soul still remembers that Christmas.

Anyway, for the last 10 years my love and I have spent Christmas in many different ways. Swedish, French, with big and loving family and gorgeous French food, on our own and last year on Corsica with my husband’s dad and his friends. We spent hours on the beach collecting seashells and we filled big bags with lemons and tangerines. It was great!

Generous people 

This year we’ll be staying at home just the four of us and that feels great : ). During the past couple of weeks I have been sooo amazed and happy to meet and communicate with wonderful people all over the world and this has filled me up with so much love and gratitude. I feel so blessed and amazed by all the generous and loving people out there! I will be happy to close this pretty difficult and challenging year feeling so grateful for all these blessings. Thank you!!

Great Christmas or New Year’s presents
If you haven’t already bought all your presents have a look at my top 4 list for great ideas : ):

1. The Invitation, Oriah Mountain Dreamer

I loooove reading Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s books and I keep reading them again and again. They are so full of wisdom and beautiful writing. Oriah is my inspiration when it comes to “sitting with what is”, having faith and not trying to push when it is not yet the right time.

If you haven’t read any of her books do try this one. It is so profound and rich. A great mix of inspiring poetry and real-life stories.

2. Sacred Path cards, Jamie Sams

You may already have Jamie Sams Medicine cards and they are awesome! The Sacred Path cards are also full of beautiful images and deep messages. They are so inspiring and I’m always amazed by the accuracy of the wisdom shared.

These cards can be used together with the medicine cards or separately. Enjoy!

3. Flower essences
I have just recently discovered Jackie at Flower spirit and she comes across as such a warm and wise woman. I haven’t tried her Flower essences yet but I definitely will before the holidays.

I have used Flower essences for years and find them so powerful in a very respectful and harmonious way. They are like an old loving friend to hold your hand during big challenges in your life. They have also been very helpful to my children during times of change.

Special offer!

Jackie offers beautiful Soul Blends and if you order by Wednesday December 21 at the latest you also receive a FREE Self-Love or Self-Nurture blend.

If  you would like to read more about the essences or about Jackie, please visit: http://www.flowerspirit.info/soul-blends/

I’m giving myself the blend called Authentic Expression this year. It sounds like the perfect companion for me during this time of transition. Hopefully Jackie will be guest blogging here next year and we’ll have the opportunity to get to know her a little better. Yeay!

4. Leonie’s e-courses and 2012 Yearbook Planner

As you may have noticed I looove (no kidding ; ) Leonie’s awesome and oh-so-inspiring e-courses. If you wish to give someone – or yourself – an awesome gift, do get the full membership to the Goddess Circle which includes all her e-courses, meditations and the 2012 Yearbook Planner. You get access to all this for one year for only 99 USD.

So far I’m half way through the Creative Goddess e-course and it’s just amazing! I’m not an artist but I like painting a lot and this course has opened up and liberated a space inside me that I didn’t know existed. It has been a profound and empowering experience and it has helped me move forward in my business as well as in my personal life. Awesome!

Goddess Circle

OK, let me tell you this. The Goddess Circle is pure heaven! A place where wonderful women gather to share their deepest thoughts, super useful wisdom and a loving space to hold us all. Do I need to say any more? Didn’t think so ; ). Join us, sister!

If you’re interested, please click on any of the very colourful buttons on the left side of this page.

I wish you a beautiful day and remember to breathe!

Big, warm hugs,


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