Hello lovely soul,

How are you? Are you embracing the new energies that are wanting to move through you or are you too busy to stop and integrate? Sometimes the exact thing we are asking for is right here. Right inside us, waiting to be received.

Last Friday I attended a powerful channelled group healing session and I’m still integrating it. It was multi-dimensional, so expansive and very grounded at the same time. I love multi-dimensional energies! And now I take the time to ground these energies into the Earth and I also make sure I receive a massage to help me integrate it all into my physical body.

I spent the beginning of this week feeling so loved, supported and filled with gratitude. My life is filled with everything I treasure the most. Soul family, time to have deep conversations, sacred work I love, magical nature, soul sisters and so much joy. I laugh every day. I choose joy as often as I possibly can.

And I have stopped waiting for my life to be perfect before I start to enjoy it. So often I see women wait for everything to line up perfectly before they take that next step. They wait for their husbands/mothers/best friends to approve of their work before they launch their business or share who they are with the world. If this is you – please stop.

You are so loved, so incredibly supported by the Universe. Everything you need is right here and you are so much more ready than you think. You are filled with incredibly powerful experiences, deep soul wisdom and you are an amazing being. Honour this. Honour your journey and all the gifts you are here to share.

Today I recorded this video to share some of the stories we tell ourselves about not being ready just yet and how you can move through them and truly SHINE.

Please share in the comments what you tell yourself and then turn it around. EnJOY!


This morning I had the most amazing session with a dear soul sister and I could feel my heart expand so much. Deep gratitude! And then I went outside to lie in the grass for a while before I got on a call with the lovely Kelly Bradley, the host of Your Most Radiant Life Ever Summit. We had such a great time and talked about easy ways to connect with our spirit guides and how to follow our intuition.

If you want to hear the interview and receive lots of gorgeous interviews and generous gifts from 50+ experts, make sure you sign up here. My interview will be live on Saturday April 23 and it + my guided meditation will be free for 24 hours.

Your Most Radian Life Ever Summit

Please share with your tribe if you feel it will help them too. I’m definitely looking forward to learning more about how I can feel lighter and stronger in my body after the winter.

If my video inspires you to ask for more support in your life and/or business I would love to have you join my Sacred Soul Sister Circle or my Clear Your Path & Shine Program that both start in less than one week. We start on Monday April 25 and you have 7 more days to join us! We are already sharing and connecting in the Facebook group so sign up now and join the sacred sisterhood.

Beaming you so much love,






PS: You are absolutely amazing!

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