Sacred Soul Sister Circle

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Warm welcome to the Sacred Soul Sister Circle!

As I start to type these words I look at the clock and it’s 11:11. A sacred gathering of soul sisters that summons up the supporting energy all around us. I can feel the presence of my sprit guides and divine support team. And yours too. Can you feel the magic?

“When women gather in circles, miracles happen.” Leonie Dawson

Last night, before falling asleep, I asked for a miracle. I surrendered to the how, took my inner child into my heart and connected with my spirit team.

Only a few hours later (at 3 am!) my Muse woke me up. I tried to reason with her, saying that we can connect tomorrow when the sun is up. Of course she wouldn’t have any of that so I got up to scribble down notes on pieces of paper in the middle of the night. Finally I surrendered and walked downstairs to write down this beautiful offering.

Often I let my logical mind run the show in my business but I have been longing for a more feminine way of doing. I’ve been trying to finish a couple of big and important offers in the last couple of weeks but they’ve been a struggle to write. It wasn’t until my friend Rebecca Kane nudged me to “create what I want” that it clicked for me.

The first idea that swirled into my heart was a MasterMind. The no 1 thing that has helped me the most to stay focused on and in alignment with my Sacred Work are the two masterminds I am in. In the last year I have created two incredibly powerful and deeply sacred circles for women who are emerging light leaders, longing for the right support and guidance in order to create more space in their lives.

One is a circle of soul sisters that I meet every month here in the south of France. We drink tea, eat yummy cake and lift each other up with so much love. We see each other’s souls and the beauty and power that lie within each and every one of us.

The other circle is online and the women in it are the most incredible goddesses I’ve ever met. They are divine inspiration, joy and deep, deep love. What we have created in only a few months feels like magic and miracles.


I created these circles because I longed for this kind of support for myself – both in my life and in my business. I felt the deep longing in my heart to let go of all the marketing and business rules so I could fully integrate these teachings with my own inner voice and guidance in a more balanced way.

So today my heart is nudging me to create a Sacred Circle for women like YOU.

If you are an emerging light leader (intuitive, healer, creative, mentor…) who is feeling the (insistent) call to move to the next level in your Sacred Work (or Life) and feel ready to embrace this much love, powerful support, divine guidance and sisterhood – then this is an invitation for you. From my beaming heart to yours.


caroline“Working with Karina has been so nurturing and deeply healing. For the first time I really allowed my feelings in and release pent up grief from the last 22 years. Working in Karina’s Soul Sister Circle has brought me back to myself.

I learnt to embrace myself fully, and felt so nurtured supported and accepted. So I was able to share about my healing experience, while my beautiful soul sisters held the space and allowed me to unfold, and truly connect deeply with my inner truth.

Karina’s Soul Sister Circle has been so inspiring and deeply healing on many levels. I learnt to accept myself just how I am.
I found a boldness within myself, that I hadn’t experienced since early childhood. I connected with the roots of my inner truth in a way I never imagined possible. 
I love my refound boldness and am even more able to stand up for myself and follow my own path. I can highly recommend working with Karina
Caroline Palmy, Angel Reader & Healer,



“Having relocated to France from the UK and getting to grips with business start up has been huge. Add being a highly sensitive empath to this… I was feeling totally overwhelmed. I needed to connect with other likeminded souls.

Then synchronicity led me to Karina’s Sacred Soul Sister Circle. A place where I could connect and  share through this time of immense  growth and change.

I would like to thank Karina for creating this WONDERFUL HAVEN. A safe, encouraging and loving sisterhood for women who are emerging as Light Leaders.

For the past two months, she has held space for us, encouraged us. Watched as we have shared and grown. She gently nudged me forward when I felt fear blocking the birthing of my website, providing loving suggestions, feedback, ideas. I’ve also formed deep heartfelt connections with others who decided to step forward.

I’ve felt totally at ease sharing. Over the eight week cycle I feel transformed and ready to fly. Bless you Karina for your loving presence. I feel SO grateful to be dancing this path with you.

Jenny Slater, Co-Creator La Foret des Etoiles – Heart Healing in Nature

This circle is for you if you:

  • Feel the call to make more space for your authentic voice and story. It is a warm, nurturing and safe space for you to feel held by your soul sisters.
  • Are a healer, mentor and intuitive and spend a lot of your time (all of it?) caring for others. You see the wounds and the suffering around you and feel called to reach out and be of service. You know that there are ways to heal these wounds and feel happy and free again. So you give, and expand your energy so you can give more.
  • Are on an important and powerful mission to expand consciousness and be a catalyst for healing and positive change.
  • Know how important it is to stay grounded, present and healthy in order to take excellent care of yourself. This is how you create a thriving, prosperous business and a happy, fullfilled life. You are not here to burn yourself out and sacrifice your own wellbeing to save your friends, family, clients…
  • Feel called to journey between different worlds/dimensions, grow and expand in unimaginable ways.
  • Have experinced that the more you listen to your own guidance and do what brings you joy, the more everything flows. You are also here to enJOY your life and to have fun, play and nurture your body and soul.

This is my invitation to you:

  • A Sacred Circle for 10 shining soul sisters
  • 8 weeks of weekly live calls filled with deep connections, sisterhood, deep healing work, release and expansion.
  • Weekly healing, channelled messages, guidance and prompts to help you
  • Insight and clarity around what 2016 will bring to you and how you can rise to the occasion to magnify your purpose and honor your soul call.
  • A sacred online space on Facebook to connect and nurture our circle and YOU. Because connection and showing up – together – is the power of this circle.
  • My full dedication, unlimited love and powerful guidance to you and your expansion/growth
  • So much love, support, clarity, magic and miracles!

So, how about inviting more joy, flow and ease into your life this year? This is my commitment to myself and to YOU. I am honouring my heart’s call and can’t wait to meet you when the Sacred Soul Sister Circle opens up again on April 25. We meet for 8 weeks until June 20 and your investment is 888 USD and there are payment plans.

Expect laughter, warm hugs, tea, lots of releasing and clearing so you can move forward and embrace more ease, flow and unlimited joy.


I won’t be teaching any new techniques, tools and there are no pdfs. I know that you already have what you need and what works for you. Instead we will create space so you can hear your own voice and allow your inner wisdom to emerge fully. I will also create a safe space for you to receive everything you need to expand in a sustainable, joyful and balanced way.

This is for you if you are an emerging light leader feeling called to expand the space you hold for others in a way that is joyful, expansive and deeply satisfying for you.

There are only 10 spaces available and they will fill up quickly.

Do you feel the call? Does your heart long for loving connections and your soul the space to expand and unfold its magnificent light?

I would love to open my arms and invite you into our Sacred Space!

Pay in full: 888 USD (save 110 USD)

 Payment plan: 499 USD now and another payment of 499 USD in one month.

Would you like to meet for a free 30 min Discovery Session to see if this is the right fit for you? Click here to book your space and let’s connect.

Trust your inner guidance. Trust the call from your heart. Only YOU can know what you need in this moment. You already know.


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