are you a starseed

Do you feel a deep calling inside your soul? A yearning that won’t leave you no matter how you try to shut it out, ignore it or get too busy so you can’t hear it? Do you know that you have an important mission and that you were born into this body at this time in order to create big transformation? Do you know that until you find your life’s purpose and fullfill it your soul’s calling won’t stop?

The first time I consciously connected with a Star Being was in 2012. I didn’t know this at the time but one of my beautiful clients asked me to do an Intuitive Reading and as soon I started channeling I could feel the presence of a light goddess from Sirius and she communicated through a radiant, blue light in her third eye. It was so different from when I usually connect with my spirit guides but she was very clear and loving so it was a beautiful experience.

This experience really made me question who I was opening up to and what it meant for me to channel messages from beings from other dimensions and star systems. And this was just the beginning. Over the years I’ve channelled messages from other star beings and have loved reconnecting other star seeds with their star families.

I truly believe we are all made of star dust. We are all multidimensional beings.

In the last couple of years I have received more messages and developed a stronger connection with the star beings (especially Sirius and the Pleiades). Many of my intuitive readings have transformed into star family connection sessions. Once I got over how huge and out there this seemed I have loved every moment of these encounters.

If you are a healer, intuitive or some kind of energy worker connecting with more of your dimensions and the incredibly powerful support team that is available for you creates powerful shifts and an even deeper sense of knowing who you are. It’s as if the inner question you’ve been carrying in your heart all of your life is being answered. There is so much peace and relief knowing. If you’d like to dive deeper into this connection and need some guidance to do it, I’d love to meet you for an intuitive reading/healing session.

I realize that I’ve never talked about this before. I haven’t blogged about it or mentioned anything about this anywhere online. It’s been a magical part of my secret garden and I’ve only had these heart to heart conversations with my clients and soul sisters. As one of my dear friends kept telling me to record a guided meditation so she could reconnect with her star family again after our session it’s been an ongoing inner dialogue going something like this:

  • Everyone will think you’re crazy!
  • This is too out there to be taken seriously
  • How can you explain being down to earth and grounded in real life when you communicate with Star Beings?
  • Keep this inside and only share it with people you really trust or it will be used against you

And this comes from someone who channels messages from spirit guides pretty much every day! I kept releasing my fears around sharing my experiences with you and felt so encouraged by my soul sisters (and my spirit guides) to create this new meditation and share it with you.

I love creating guided meditations! It lights up my heart and makes me feel like I am being guided by Spirit too. I never write down a script but always follow the guidance coming through. This makes my meditations so exciting and expansive also for me.

When I sat down to create this one I could feel new words and processes flow through me and the energy was incredibly expansive and multidimensional. This is one of the most powerful meditation I’ve ever created and it blew my mind! My whole body was tingling and I could feel the depth and power of it in my whole being. You can find it here in my shop. 

If this resonates, and you wish to exeperience it live with me and a group of soul family, join me for my very first Master Class: Star Seed Activation that will take place on Thursday May 25 (if you can’t attend live, sign up to receive the recording).

Together I will guide you through the process the way I do with my private 1:1 clients. It’s so magical and very powerful!

Bring a cup of tea or your favourite beverage and let’s explore this together. 

Sign up here and let’s connect.

You are loved.

You are so suppported.

You are divinely guided.



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