The power to choose is yours — and nothing that is truly meant for you can ever be lost – Hiro Boga

Hello Beautiful YOU!

I am so grateful for this space and for the pleasure of meeting you here. I don’t know about you but lately I feel as if time is speeding up. My to do list seems to get longer and although I do plenty of things I’m starting to feel behind. Behind what? My own schedule that – I must admit – isn’t very realistic. The bubbly and overflowing energy of spring is also making me more aware of all the growing that’s taking place around me. When I hear the birds sing and see all the flowers blooming on my way to school  with my children in the morning all I want to do is bloom and grow too!

I can sense this buzzing energy all over the internet as well as around me IRL and I know that some of you (us ; ) are trying to approach this energy by doing more. We’re adding more things to our lists and we get up earlier or go to bed later at night in order to gain some time to do even more. As I notice this, a beautiful quote by the lovely wise woman Hiro Boga pops up on my screen: The power to choose is yours — and nothing that is truly meant for you can ever be lost

As I read these words I slowly exhale and a sense of relief fills my body. Hiro’s words often have this effect on me and I drink her words because I know they are true. What you and I have really come here to do in this life will be done. So I let go of any shoulds or musts that I’ve created in my mind and I take a couple of deep breaths.

Today, as I get ready to hop on the train to Brussels to teach another Spirit Guide Workshop (let me know if you’d like to join us) I pause and take a step back. I am once again reminded that all I have to do will be done. So I write this post to YOU with an open heart filled with gratitude and the words are flowing with ease. I will also take the time to send out my now weekly Love Letters and go for an energy healing session. After this I will pack my bag & spend the afternoon hugging my children. That is what I really have to do today. Not work like crazy and not enjoy my day. So I come back to the present moment. And I breathe.

Dear friend, what are you afraid of missing out on if you take it easy and relax?

I wish you a beautiful day and lots of magic!


PS: If you would like to dive deeper into Hiro Boga’s special kind of magic, BYOBA starts on Monday March 31. I’ll be taking it again this spring and would LOVE to meet you there.

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