I have been pretty busy lately swimming in cold, crystal clear mountain rivers and eating very healthy food. As a member of Leonie Dawson’s Goddess Circle (affiliate) I have access to a bunch of e-courses anytime I feel like it so I am doing her Radiant Goddess e-course for the very first time. It lasts for 21 days and I’m on day 4 (yay!).
I must say it felt a little bit weird to start my day without my big cup of vanilla latte. And not eating any sugar (I’m a total sugar addict!). But so far I feel really good. I have been pretty tired and I feel really slow but I think that’s normal during the first days of this detox.
I suspected to feel lighter in my body and less bloated and that is great. But I didn’t expect to feel so clear in my mind, body and spirit. I feel so focused and even tempered. It’s not that I usually run around screaming : ) but I feel so much calmer and yet very focused and productive. I get the important stuff done and I let go of the rest.
And I feel so present in my body. It’s a very new feeling and I am very curious so see how I feel in a couple of weeks. The funny thing is that I don’t feel like eating sugar or drinking coffee and I am really enjoying lots of gorgeous salads full of organic vegetables and nuts.
Doing intuitive work I really felt the need to clean up my eating habits in order to feel completely aligned with the work I am being asked to do. If I want to grow and expand on a  spiritual level I feel the need to have a squeaky clean vehicle (= my body). Just like Cinderella going to the ball, ha, ha!
5 Beautiful Ways to Connect with Spirit
1. Go outside!
My number one way to connect with Spirit is to go outside in nature. I stick my feet deep down into Mother Earth and I breathe in her gorgeous energy. On a busy day, this can take 5 minutes and those 5 minutes change the way my day feels. Honestly! If I have more than 5 minutes (yay!) I either lie down and breathe some more, or I wrap my arms around a beautiful tree and breathe in its powerful energy. This helps me feel more connected to all of nature as well as to myself. We are One, after all : ).
2. Meditate
If it’s too cold to go outside or if I am caring for a sick child (you moms and dads know what I mean ; ) I create a small space in my (tiny) house where I sit down and meditate. Sometimes I only sit down in the middle of my messy living room and breathe slowly for 5 minutes. At other times I create a sacred space where I light a candle and some incense and I pull a card from my favourite decks (Sacred Path Cards or Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams). I find that it’s not a matter of how long I meditate but how present I can be at that moment.
3. Take 10 Barefoot Breaths
Being a nature lover the step into barefoot breathing was not a very difficult one to take : ). Last winter I signed up for the 10 Steps to Soothe Your Soul in Nature (it’s free!) at Essence of Wild and it was such a deep and magical experience. Now I regularly take off my shoes and breathe through the soles of my feet until I feel the energy filling my body. This practice connects me with All That Is.
I love Jackie and Jason’s beautiful and important work and I am signing up for the BarefootBreathing e-course(affiliate), starting on September 2nd. I can’t wait to stand barefoot outside, breathing in the very essence of nature. Although I spend plenty of time outside I long for an even deeper connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky.
4. Get a reading
When I feel disconnected and lost I love to get a great intuitive reading. I love connecting with my own guides but sometimes I’m too close to my own problems and prefer to ask someone else for help. It’s pretty new for me to ask for help and to accept self care but it feels great. I usually turn to my dear friend Pernilla Hjort because she’s awesome. Her guides are funny, wise and very loving and I always feel so much more connected to my inner voice and to spirit after a reading with her. Of  course there are lots of amazing people who offer readings so just listen to your heart when you make your choice.
5. Get creative
There is nothing like getting some paint and canvases or paper out and paint your heart out! Just let the colours and shapes flow and shut off your mind for a while to leave space for your spirit to guide you. Or if you prefer writing, photography, dancing, singing, pottery – whatever makes you smile, go for it! I don’t know what happens when we let out creative juices flow but it’s pure magic.
So, how do you connect with Spirit?
I would love to know what helps you get out of your head and into your soul again.
Love and Sunshine,
PS: If you would like to learn how to Communicate with your Spirit Guides, join us for my next e-course starting on Sunday August 19th. I would love to take this enchanted journey with You!

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