Live Call – Release, Integrate and Celebrate 2016

live call release integrate celebrate 2016

Let’s connect for this Live Call – Release, Integrate and Celebrate 2016! What a crazy, intense year it has been! 2016 has been a really big and challenging year both on an individual level and globally. I know this is often the time when all we want to do is let go of the old year and race ahead into the new one but I’d love to invite you to connect with this year in a sacred ceremony.

We are coming to the end of a 9 year and this means we are ending a whole cycle of patterns, habits and ways of being. So let’s do this together, consciously, and release everything that we no longer wish to carry into the new year.

This is a powerful opportunity to both let go of the old, so you can enjoy the holiday season, and celebrate all the amazing gifts that you received.

It’s time to release this cycle and create a clear, open space where you can wholeheartedly embrace the new year.

December 13 is also a very special day in Sweden when the light is celebrated (St Lucy) and on December 14 there’s a full moon in Gemini. I’d love to connect with you for this moment of powerful ceremony, guided meditation and beautiful conversations. Bring all of you, wear something comfy and bring pen and paper if you wish.

Will you join me?


This Live Call will take place on:

Tuesday December 13 at 3 PM New York/8 PM UK/9 PM CET/Wednesday December 14 at 7 AM Sydney/9 AM New Zealand

During this call we will:

  • Go through an inner journey/guided meditation/ceremony to release your old patterns, stories and energy.

  • Celebrate the powerful gifts you have received.

  • Open up your heart and soul to fully embrace the end of this year so you can welcome the new year with clarity.

  • RECEIVE so much healing, love and joy!

Click on the link below to join us and make sure you have downloaded and installed Zoom before the call (it’s easy and free!).

There are only 50 spaces so lock in yours now:


As usual I will be on video and everyone else will attend by audio only. I will open up the chat so you can ask me questions and I will support you with anything that comes up for you.

This call will be recorded and sent to everyone who signs up to the list above.

I’d love to meet many of you on the call and please share this with your tribe on social media, in your newsletters and on your blogs.

I can’t wait to connect with you!


PS: You are loved. You are supported. TRUST

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