Live Call – Connect With 2016


I would love for you to join us for a powerful Live Call to release the past (Mercury Retrograde, mega intense full moon, 2015 hangover anyone?) so we can join hearts and step into the New Year with intention, ease and flow.

This New Year feels like an invitation to all of us to let go and stop resisting so we can tune into the natural flow. If you feel like you haven’t fully stepped into the New Year I can’t wait to meet you for this live call:

Thursday January 28 at 4.30 PM EST / 9.30 PM UK
Friday January 29 at 8.30 AM Sydney

During this call we will:

  • Go through an inner journey/guided meditation/ceremony to release the old patterns, mindset and energy.

  • Open up our hearts and souls to fully embrace the New Year.

  • RECEIVE so much healing, love and joy!

Click on the link below to join us and make sure you have downloaded and installed Zoom before the call (it’s easy and free!).

There are only 50 spaces so lock in yours now:


I can’t wait to create magic with you!


PS: You are loved. You are supported. TRUST

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