Live Call – Connect With Your Soul Team

Hello beautiful soul!

These calls have already taken place but you can still sign up to receive the two recordings here.


Welcome to a very special Live Call (or actually two :) !

In the last couple of months I’ve been connecting a lot with my Star Family and I’ve been guiding my amazing clients through this process too. It’s been very powerful and as we embrace more of our Life’s Purpose, this adds such an important aspect to our mission in this lifetime.

I’ve been asked to create a guided meditation to help more people access this energy and to feel the expansion that comes when we connect with our Star Families. You don’t have to be familiar with this and it’s totally OK if you don’t really know what it means. For me it started with a subtle calling that has grown over the years.

Keeping your eyes and heart open to receive is a great way to start.

In order to celebrate the release of my 4 new guided meditations AND my brand new free meditation, I’m offering you two free live calls where you will connect with all of your multidimensional soul team. I can’t wait to connect with you and my live calls are such magical, deep, joyful love parties! 

During this call we will:

  • Go through an inner journey/guided meditation to connect with your Multidimensional Soul Team.

  • Realign your body, heart and soul with your highest purpose and path so you can manifest anything.

  • Do a big give-away where 3 winners will receive a free Meditation Bundle (all 4 meditations!)

  • RECEIVE so much healing, love and expansion!

Click on the link below to join us and make sure you have downloaded and installed Zoom before the call (it’s easy and free!).

Thursday May 19 at 6 AM New York/11 AM UK/Noon CET/8 PM Sydney/10 PM New Zealand


Thursday May 19 at Noon Los Angeles/3 PM New York/8 PM UK/9 PM CET/7 AM New Zealand

There are only 50 spaces on each call so lock in yours now:


This time I will do two live calls on the same day so that everyone in the whole world can attend :). I will be going through the same guided meditation on both calls but you are of course welcome to attend both if you wish.

As on the last live call I will be on video and everyone else will attend by audio only. I will open up the chat so you can ask me any questions you have and I will support you with anything that comes up for you.

The guided meditation will be recorded and sent to everyone who signs up but the Q&A will only take place live (no recording) so that you have a safe space to ask your questions.

I’d love to meet many of you on the call and please share this with your tribe on social media, in your newletters and on your blogs if this resonates.

I can’t wait to create powerful magic with you!


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