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 During the Clear & Shine challenge you will:

  • Receive powerful healing, intuitive guidance and loving support
  • Clear your energy and connect with your inner power
  • Surround yourself with your Soul Team
  • Call in your dreams and deepest desires
  • Embrace your Soul’s Purpose
  • Allow your life to flow with joy & ease

If you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed by fears and resistance, the powerful energy tools and practices I share in this challenge will help you move through the fear and reconnect with your inner power. You are feeling called to step up and move into the next level of your life (or business) but need some loving guidance and support to rise up and embody the amazing goddess that you are. I am here to hold a safe and loving space for you. There is a space for you in our Sacred Circle.

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HeadshotKarinaLI’m Karina Ladet, an Intuitive Channel, Healer & Mentor for wise women all over the world, and I can’t wait to go on this magical adventure with you!

If you’ve been struggling to release your fears and reconnect with your Soul’s Purpose, I hope you join me for this challenge.


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