activate & ground your big vision

connect with your vision, embody your radiant future self and bring your creation into being (in life & business)

live workshop on august 30 at 8 PM CET

Join my 1 hour workshop (on Zoom) to bring your big vision into being, surrounded by soul sisters!

imagine this…

Dropping into a quiet and nurturing space. A cocoon filled with love and clear, radiant energy. Carving out time to catch up with yourself and listen to your body, heart and soul. A sacred time to explore your vision, maybe with ice coffee and fresh fruit (or cake!) by your side.

It’s a busy time of the year and I would love to offer you a sacred space to drop inside and listen deeply. To hear your inner wisdom speaking and honor what you know.

Imagine standing in a clear space and connecting with your big vision, filled with promises and gifts. Imagine connecting with your future self who already holds all the wisdom and experience you long for, and to ask for her guidance.

What big vision wishes to emerge? What do you long for?

Give yourself this sacred time to listen deeply. Your soul knows. When you open up and give yourself the space to dream, anything is possible.

do you feel the call to join us?

i would love to hold space for you.

do you long to connect with your big vision (for you and for the world) and ground it here in the physical world?

let’s gather in sacred circle and receive the new energies with openness and gratitude.

welcome to this powerful and love-filled 1 hour live workshop!

I would love for you to join us for a powerful Live workshop to connect with the powerful energies right now with curiosity and openness. Leave the past behind you and open up to receive the new creations.

Let’s step into our big visions together with a sense of purpose and in alignment with all of who we are.

This isn’t a hard core planning and goal setting session ;). It’s a sacred space to explore what wants to emerge and an opportunity to receive any dreams and creations that are ready to be birthed through you. You can tune in to specific creations and offerings to receive guidance on the format, pricing and timelines. Or simply connect with the energies that are here to support and guide you. 

There are no rules and I invite you to enJOY this time together in a way that feels good and true to YOU.

during this live call you will:

  • Create a clear space inside to connect with your big vision with curiosity and playfulness
  • Explore and activate its full potential and discover what dreams, creations and gifts await you
  • Ask for what you truly desire in your life and sacred business and release anything that may hold you back
  • Map out as much as you feel called
  • Feel deeply supported on all levels during this time of transition
  • Connect with your loving soul family and embrace your beautiful vision together
  • Let your vision guide you and help you stay focused on your dreams and intentions
  • Step into your power and embody your future self

Book your space by 6 PM CET on August 30








“It’s only when we feel safe enough to be exactly who we are that effortless miracles reveal themselves in our lives. Karina has invested herself in decades of transformative healing to be a vessel to guide us onwards in our sacred purpose.

I have felt the tingles of alignment and ease that unfolds when we remember how loved and guided we are – I know it’s time to rise”

Lysa Black, Business Mentor for Gifted Leaders

Open up and receive the powerful creations that are calling you.

You are a magical co-creator.

it’s time to embrace your purpose fully.

Hello love,

I’m Karina Ladet, a Business Mentor for intuitive and creative  female entrepreneurs. I am here to support conscious entrepreneurs to let go of what’s holding them back so they can embrace their purpose and bring their big (and small) business dreams into reality. Because I believe that you are worthy of your deepest desires.

Your heart and soul long for expansion, freedom and joy! When you tap into a big dream, it’s so important to create a solid business foundation to make it possible.

I have channelled guidance and healing energies from my spirit team and held loving space for throusands of people all over the world, both online and IRL, for 20 years.

I’m a funny mix of down to earth star seed with a wicked sense of humour. I love people and can often be seen hugging strangers. Originally from Sweden, I now live in a hippie village in the south of France with my French husband and our two children.

I am so happy you are here. 

activate & ground your big vision

august 30 at 8 pm cet

all the practical info + this is what you’ll receive:

  • We will meet on Zoom for a 1 hour Live Group Call on August 30 at 8 PM CET to connect with our visions, activate their full potential and bring them into being. You are welcome to ask questions and receive support from me and our group. Click here for your time zone.
  • During the Zoom call I will be on video and you will attend by video or audio (your choice). I will open up the chat so you can ask me all your questions, share your experiences and I will support you with anything that comes up.
  • I’d love to meet you live but if you can’t attend (or if your time zone makes it difficult), the Zoom call will be recorded and sent to everyone who signs up. You will be able to send in your questions before if you can’t join live.
  • Your investment is 22 euros.
  • Sign up before August 30 at 6 PM CET to join us live.

this call is for you if:

  • You carry a big dream or vision in your heart and are so ready to bring it into physical form
  • You are tired of being overwhelmed and “too busy” to sit down and connect with your creations
  • You dream of being held in a safe space, surrounded by loving soul family

are you ready to bring your vision to life?


Sign up now and join us live.

As soon as you have signed up to my mailing list you’ll receive an e-mail with everything you need for the Live Call. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

kind words about my soul work:

“I loved working with Karina so much. She was always so insightful, wise and reassuring in our sessions together. I always came away feeling buoyant and excited to take action in my business.”

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money Mindset Mentor

“Karina has a special and rare talent: that of guiding, in a totally luminous way, towards our true nature.

Thank you Karina for this deep and luminous work that you support and allow by creating sacred and safe spaces where we can receive our guidance and embrace who we are!”

Isabelle Salomon, Soul & Business Alignment Mentor

“Karina is a powerful channel and healer. I see Karina for support, nurturing, deep wisdom, alignment and deep soul connection. For me, Karina embodies the energy of joy, lightness of being, unconditional love and support.

Karina is a true gem with a heart of gold. A rare treasure to find.”

Lara Waldman, Abundance Activator & Healer

“Karina is such a clear, soulful and loving channel and guide. I love the way she is able to channel high frequency messages and at the same time have a deep connection with Mother Earth.

Every guided meditation, group coaching and 1:1 session with Karina has brought me so much healing, clarity and joy!

Linda Westlund, Intuitive Healer, Channel and MediYoga Teacher
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It is time to embrace the channel of love that you are.

bring your powerful creations into the world.

Your light and your unique gifts are needed.

The time is now.

Step out of the way and let the powerful energies flow through you. Reconnect with your magic and create from this clear space inside you.

I can’t wait to watch you dive deeper in order to RISE HIGHER!


I’d love to tune in to your big vision with you and support you in embracing your biggest dreams.


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