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do you fear losing what you have (and the people you love) if you embody more power & embrace the leader & visionary you are?

do you resist allowing your business to grow to the next level because you struggle with structure & to receive more support?

i am here to remind you that you are Ready.

ready to create a solid business foundation that will give you the freedom, abundance & joy you long for. Let’s do it together.

welcome to

next level energy

a business building program for intuitive & creative female entrepreneurs

[October 17 2022 – April 17 2023]

registrations close on october 17:








Do what you love and the dream clients and money will follow?

If you have been in business for a while you know it’s not that easy. When I started out my main resource was my intuition. It’s still very important but to create a prosperous and sustainable business, I also had to grow my business skills.

When you have the right structure and systems in place you’ll know exactly what to do and when. The right foundation will make it possible to bring your Big Vision for your soul work into physical form.

A solid business foundation will open up for more clients, money and aligned creations. When you stop recreating the wheel every time you create (or launch) an offer or service, it gives you more time, energy and JOY!

Creating a thriving business you love is possible when you align your intuitive and creative skills with a solid business foundation and the right support.

Having a soulful business doesn’t have to be so hard.

Let me show you the powerful energy practices I use to release fears and resistance AND the practical steps to build a business you’ll love.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients bring their big business visions to life.

During our time together they have created transformational (and successful) programs, memberships, books, retreats and art exhibitions. They have called in their dreamiest soul clients, team members and (seemingly miraculous) business opportunities.

This is what happens when you align with your vision, release your fears and take inspired action, consistently. 

next level energy is right for you if:

  • Your business is doing well but you long for more. More clients, creations, money and you want to be of greater service to the world.
  • Your business skills don't match your intuitive & creative super powers.
  • You resist structure and don't have the right systems in place to grow your business consistently (without working all the time).
  • You struggle to embrace the business parts and only focus on following your intuition and going with the flow (hello, inconsistent income and emotional rollercoaster!)
  • Your soul is calling you to embody the powerful visionary and leader you are but you resist it. (the push/pull is exhausting)
  • You often feel like there is not enough time, energy or resources to reach the dreams you know are possible
  • Your work is physically and emotionally exhausting and your body longs for a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.
  • You don’t feel joyful, spacious or free as often as you’d like
  • You know that there must be another way 

You didn’t start your own business to work even harder than when you had a job but to feel inspired, in alignment with your values and free. Me too.

It’s time to create a prosperous and sustainable business you love. A business that supports the life you want to live. Without sacrificing anything that’s important to you.

Maybe you’ve already taken business programs but either they were too overwhelming or pushy so you didn’t follow through (I’ve been there!) or you struggle to use business tools in a soulful and heart-centred way.

 I know what that feels like and I’ve been there too. The online business world can be so overwhelming. The constant flow of information and perfectly curated social media feeds can be soul crushing. There are so many experts and so much (contradictory) advice to follow.

That’s why I – finally! – surrendered to my business and soul’s call (and my dear mentor Hiro Boga’s loving guidance) and created this program. Because the longing to grow to the Next Level isn’t just about heart and soul. It’s an invitation to us women to step up and embrace the powerful leaders and visionaries we are.

The time is now and the power is in YOU.

I bet that your intuitive and creative skills are out of this world! Your sacred work goes deep and you are constantly doing the inner work to share your gifts, support your people and embody the wise woman you are. 

Imagine growing your business skills to the same level.

Imagine building the structure and setting up the systems to allow your business to be a solid vessel for your soul creations.

What would that look like? How would that impact not only your business but your whole life? THAT is what’s possible when you align business skills with powerful energy work and joyful creative flow.


That’s what I want for you. all of it. no more holding back or staying small.

i want you to feel




as if anything is possible. because it is.


earth mother

  • Sacred Land, Grounding, Where it all begins
  • Get crystal clear on your vision for business & life: clarify who you are, your core message & values, what you offer and who you serve
  • Set up a regular practice & structure to support you: energy work, self care, clear boundaries, business intentions & actions
  • Explore your fears and limitations, meet them with love and let them go
  • Connect with your soul & the soul of your business to align with the Next Level for YOU

Mary magdalene

  • Wild Scared Feminine, The Creator/Creative, Womb Wisdom, Ancient Teachings & Transmissions
  • Release your fears of being visible and show up to share your amazing gifts
  • Create crystal clear boundaries and learn to honour them
  • Embody the powerful leader you are 


  • Light Leader, Bearer of The Light, Sacred Masculine, Divine Structure & Support, Pillar
  • Optimize your systems to free up time: time/project management, scheduling, financial & administration tools
  • Create a structure to invite your soul clients into your business: website, newsletter, social media, with ease


  • Queen Energy, Divine Leader, Integrated Wisdom, Embodied Power
  • Get clear on who your ideal clients are & connect with them on a soul level
  • Soulful pricing & align with the energy of money & abundance

kind words about my work:

“Karina’s messages of love, light and alignment are of immeasurable help to my spiritual and business path.

She is an incredible woman with incredible gifts.

Karina’s guidance blew me away – she knew deeply and absolutely what I was going through. She gave me clarity and compassion and wise woman wisdom on what I needed to do.

Every single one of her words resonated as truth. I wholeheartedly recommend Karina and her intuitive guidance. ”

Leonie Dawson, Soul-Centered Biz + Life Mentor, Author & Artist,

“I loved working with Karina so much. She was always so insightful, wise and reassuring in our sessions together. I always came away feeling buoyant and excited to take action in my business.”

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money Mindset Mentor, Coach & Author for entrepreneurs

“It’s only when we feel safe enough to be exactly who we are that effortless miracles reveal themselves in our lives. Karina has invested herself in decades of transformative healing to be a vessel to guide us onwards in our sacred purpose.

I have felt the tingles of alignment and ease that unfolds when we remember how loved and guided we are – I know it’s time to rise”

Lysa Black, Feminine Business Mentor

Sylvie Cordenner, Photographer, Videographer & a Trainer for businesses

next level energy – a business building program for intuitive & creative female entrepreneurs

You will learn how to:

  • Get crystal clear on your business & life vision and create a regular practice & structure to support you
  • Optimize your systems to make more money, serve more people & have more time and energy
  • Create powerful & magical 1:1 & group services and products that sell with ease
  • Get clear on who your ideal clients are & learn the magical blend of structured & magnetic writing to attract them
  • Learn soulful pricing & align with the energy of money & abundance
  • Make social media fun & soulful: create systems & strategies to connect with your soul clients and write from your heart, without losing your mind :)
  • Video & audio creation: learn the tools, tech & soulful practices to create powerful & authentic connections with your soul clients
  • Release your fears of being visible and show up to share your amazing gifts
  • Map out a clear launch plan, set up the right support & systems and make your launch magnetic, fun and successful

Are you honouring your deep calling and aligning your powerful wisdom with all parts of your business?

The Next Level Program is created for soulful entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact, open up to receive more support and invite more joy, flow and freedom into their business.

We start on October 17, 2022 and end on April 17, 2023

The program includes:

  • 6 MODULES: Each module includes weekly classes on business building and homework assignments (guided energy processes, audio, video and written teachings) to support you and your business. Week 4 each month is for integration & inspired action.
  • LIVE GROUP CALLS on Zoom every week (all time zones included) that will be recorded and you will be able to send in your questions if you can’t attend.
  • 2 GUEST TEACHERS: Andrea Hiltbrunner and I will offer a 1 day live retreat (online) and Lara Waldman a master class.
  • A PRIVATE COMMUNITY with soulful business women.
  • LOVING SUPPORT & ENERGY HEALING throughout the duration of the program
  • BONUS GIFTS if you pay in full: save 200 EUR + receive an EXTRA 1h private session with me (worth 400 EUR)

If you’re ready to expand your business and life beyond your wildest dreams, join us now!

We start on October 17 2022 and end on April 17 2023.


– Save 200 EUR

Receive an EXTRA 1h private session with me (worth 400 EUR)

OPTION 2: PAYMENT PLAN 10 monthly payments of 490 EUR

To apply: Please click on the button above to fill out the questionnaire and schedule your 15 min Next Level Call with me. Receive a Next Level Energy Activation and we’ll explore if this Program is right for you at this stage of your business journey.

Filling out the application form isn’t binding and you haven’t locked in your space until you have been accepted and made the first (or only) payment.

Limited spaces available so if you feel called to join, please apply as soon as possible.

hello beautiful soul,

I’m Karina Ladet, a Business Mentor for intuitive and creative  female entrepreneurs. I am here to support conscious entrepreneurs to let go of what’s holding them back so they can embrace their purpose and bring their big (and small) business dreams into reality. Because I believe that you are worthy of your deepest desires. 

Your heart and soul long for expansion, freedom and joy! When you tap into a big dream, it’s so important to create a solid business foundation to make it possible. That’s why I’ve created this program.

Because my deepest wish is for you to have a successful and prosperous business that supports and sustains you AND feels exciting, spacious and fun. One of my mantras in life is “fromage et dessert”. This means cheese AND dessert in French and means that I am not willing to sacrifice joy and freedom OR a successful business. I want both. You too?

I started my business in 2012 and 1 1/2 years later I was making enough money to support our family of 4 and go on a wild adventure to teach two channeling retreats (and hug Leonie Dawson) in Australia.

Since 2012 I have created retreats and workshops worldwide, co-created 4 hugely successful European business events and created several (very powerful and loved) signature programs and memberships both in English and in French.

I’ve learnt so much and grown immensely thanks to investing in the best heartcentred mentors, business programs and masterminds (Marie Forleo’s B-School, Hiro Boga’s powerful private mentoring and programs and Leonie Dawson’s business programs).

Before starting my own business I got a university degree in Communications & Media Science from Lund University (Sweden) and UQAM in Montréal (Canada). During that time I got my dream job at the International Office (Lund University) and had the opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of people and be interviewed on radio and local TV.

A few years in the corporate world as a Marketing & General Manager for Scandinavia at an international recruitment company in Stockholm and as a Project Manager at a Communication Agency in Paris gave me lots of professional experience and connections.

I am now so happy to share all my expertise and wisdom with you in this program.

Over the years I’ve noticed that with the right structure and systems in place, my business is a solid vessel for all my creations. This allows me to have more time, energy and resources for everything I love. 

I created the Next Level Program to help you create a solid foundation for your business and for you so that you can call in everything your heart desires. What I teach in this program will help you get clear on your business vision so you can call in your dream clients, products/services and an incredibly powerful support team.

You don’t have to do this alone.

I want you to be free and independant in all ways: financially, emotionally and creatively. I want you to create a life and business you love, in alignment with who you are and your values.

After our 6 months together I want you to feel confident, powerful and sovereign. Because you are.

guest teachers:

Lead With Power – 1 day live virtual retreat with, Andrea Hiltbrunner, Business & Money Alchemist and I.

A deep transformational journey with the Egyptian deity Sehkmet that will help you dissolve your energy patterns and bring forth your true light and power.


Andrea Hiltbrunner has devoted herself to helping sensitive and ambitious female leaders make their business bloom consistently, love their business metrics and boost all aspects of their lives. She has mastered the art of looking at all aspects of a person and helping them overcome the mental money blocks holding them back right away.

Andrea’s unique approach combines top practical business insights with her talent for resolving those invisible blocks – paving the way for you to achieve your true vocation.

Find Andrea here:  Facebook, Instagram and on her website here.

Master Class: In this Master Class Lara Waldman, the Abundance Activator, will teach you how to Embody Your Wealth Frequency

Lara supports conscious Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Change Makers expand into the next level of their impact, influence and income.

She is a conscious business mentor, manifestation expert, Healer of 18+ years and the author of ‘Money Manifestation Mastery’.

Lara has over 25 years experience in self development, transformation, and healing work.

It has been her life’s mission to find a path from pain, suffering, anger and fear towards a life of abundance, freedom, happiness and fulfilment.

Find Lara here: Facebook Instagram

and on her website here.

more kind words about my work:

“When Karina opened, Embrace Your Purpose, in 2016 I was one of the first to sign up. I just KNEW I had to join Karina to move forward on MY life purpose. I am so, so thankful I listened to my Guardian Angels and joined!

Within the first month of this program I was recruited to teach a live Angel Event (in front of the public!), a radio talk show spot and had people emailing ME about working with me.

Over the next six months:

  • My voice as an Angel Guide became loud and clear
  • I learned there was nothing to fear of the public!
  • Successfully wrote and launched my first Online Program
  • Opened my Private Angel Academy: Full of my ideal clients!

Embrace Your Purpose was the perfect choice for me, at the perfect time. I could not have stepped forward into this light, without Karina and this program. The warmth, love, and support is something I will always treasure.

Thank you Karina. For each and every step of the way.”

Amanda Kunkel, Universe Liasion delivering the direct Path to 7-Figures for women business owners.

“I chose to enroll for the Embrace your Purpose program because I had worked with Karina before, so I knew what I was signing up for: loving support, big shifts and breakthroughs, being surrounded by soul sisters.

Karina is able to hold space for you to heal old wounds, release negative patterns and overcome fears. You are seen, you are heard, you are understood and you get uplifted.

Karina is a true blessing for every sensitive, heart-centered entrepreneur because she is such a loving and supportive mentor. In the world of entrepreneurial buzz and noise Karina is a soothing calming mountain river who shows simple, heartfelt techniques that are far more in alignment with the sensitive entrepreneur soul (and they work as shown in my revenue: I’ve reached my previous yearly revenue in the first 6 months of this year!)

The program didn’t only allow me to grow as a heart-centered entrepreneur, but as a person in general. Karina is my inspiration!

Tinne Geukens, Intuitive coach and healer

Imagine this…

Having a business that gives you the time & space to fully enjoy your life, without having to worry about money or what to create next.

A solid foundation that supports you no matter what’s going on in your life.

Imagine starting each week with a clear structure & systems in place to support your amazing clients so you can be of even greater service.

The Next Level in your business will not only give you financial freedom but also enough time to rest, play & go on adventures.

This level of freedom will give you a life beyond your wildest dreams!

Are you ready to join us?

I would love to support you!

“Embrace Your Purpose is the most incredible program I’ve ever joined. It totally changed my life.

I was disconnected from my business, I didn’t have a real sense of purpose and no idea of what I wanted to do. All I knew is I had to change something (or everything?).

During 6 months of magic with wonderful women entrepreneurs, I decided to stop my activity and take the time to find a new one more aligned with me. I found what were my core desired feelings, what I wanted to achieve – short and long term – and I launched my new activity. Wow!

Another important part of the EYP was releasing old patterns that were holding me back and connecting with my intuition.

Working with Karina and the group was the most exciting experience of my life and I warmly recommend Embrace Your Purpose to every soul entrepreneur.”

Mouna Bouslouk, Consultant & coach,

Iona Russell, Intuitive Mindset & Conscious Business Coach

“No one can do the transformation for you, but it is so much easier and nicer, when you have a circle of soul sisters you can come back to and share and receive love and support. I feel like so much has shifted this past year and I have grown so much.

A year ago, I had just started to talk about my gifts more openly, and now I have launched my first group program and feel so much more confident and joyful around my business.

Thank you Karina for the amazing work you do, for showing us the new way of doing business – from the heart and by honoring ourselves, our rhythm and our feminine energy. Much love to you. Keep shining your light.”

Deborah Kindermann-Zeilinger, Spiritual Healer & Wayshower around Embodied Female Divinity

I finally understood why I am here, and how deep my work is going.

After the course I had a newfound big understanding and love for my healing work. I can truly say working with Karina has helped me to rekindle the deep love for my healing work.

I loved Karina’s meditations, I loved to be in a beautiful sacred space with the other members of the course. I have connected to new friends and long missed soul sisters.

Being part of Karina’s course is always a highly spiritual experience, deep sacred work is happening, without you even noticing. Karina has the magic of holding beautiful loving space for all her team members, and is supportive and understanding.

Looking back over my journey with Embrace Your Purpose I can honestly say, I would not be where I am today, without this course.

Embrace Your Purpose has deepened my understanding for myself, for my work and for this life here on earth. I am deeply grateful for Karina and all my fellow friends together in this fabulous 6 month journey called Embrace Your Purpose.

I can highly recommend Karina, her work and all of her courses to anyone feeling guided to work with beautiful Karina.”

Caroline Palmy, Heart Flow Healer,


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