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receive powerful support to release fears and experience deep transformation as you listen to my healing guided meditations.

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“I find that many meditations just sound like somebody is reading a script but Karina’s meditations are different. She holds a space that is truly healing and filled with love, and I know it raises my vibration when I listen to her meditations. I listen to them a few times a week and they always carry me into a golden place of love and light where I feel absolutely safe, absolutely loved. I often use Karina’s meditations as preparation before doing my own spiritual work because the energy she transmits is so clean and clear and aligned with Source. Thank you Karina for transmitting so much love and light through your beautiful work, you truly are an angel.” Jackie Stewart,

Lysa black “Karina’s star seed guided meditation is a powerful access portal for sacred guidance. Well established, with powerful grounding aspects, Karina wisely leads you in gently to find the deep support required to access the highest energies available.

I got a whole page of personal sacred guidance and found the process deeply restful, restorative and clarifying. Such a precious gift to give yourself this expansive journey!”


“It’s no secret, I love Karina’s guided meditations. She holds such beautiful loving space and creates magical journeys that feel effortless and energizing. Her new star family activation meditation takes you through a powerful process of clearing and grounding yourself then guides you on a journey of connecting with your starseed and soul families across dimensions; calling them in to share their wisdom with you, assisting you in discovering your whole self and walking your true path.

A powerful new tool in my spiritual self care tool kit!”

Ruby Toad,

“Wow, Karina! What a powerful meditation this was! It’s actually one of the most powerful ones I have ever experienced. Tears were streaming down my face and the love flowed into me when I met my dolphin in the sacred place. There was so much love and playfullness when we met and also sadness as I realize that I don’t play and laugh enough. I have faith that she will help me with this in the coming year.

It was so beautiful! Thank you, thank you and thank you again!”


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