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lead with heart


(even if it scares you)

~ JANUARY 21-JUNE 21 2019 ~

You are a wise woman and leader, longing to embrace your purpose so you can share your gifts with the world and live a prosperous, thriving life.

You have a deep, inner calling and your sacred work is the vessel for the powerful light you are here to share.


Are you ready to remember who you are and why you are here?

hello beautiful soul,

I’m Karina Ladet, an Intuitive Channel and Healer and I am here to support conscious entrepreneurs to let go of their old stories and patterns so they can embrace their purpose and live the life of their dreams. Because I believe that you are worthy of your deepest desires.

Your heart and soul long for expansion, freedom and joy! And if you are reading this, chances are that you are also being called to fully step into your power.

My deepest wish is for you to have a soulful business that supports and sustains you AND feels exciting, spacious and fun. To align all parts of you with your highest purpose and embody them fully.

Let the radiant light you channel with such ease fill you up and share it with the world.  Don’t hold back – now is the time to SHINE.

I started my business in 2012 and 1 1/2 years later I was making enough money to be the sole provider for our little family (1 hot French man + 2 sweet kids) and go on a wild adventure to teach two channeling retreats (and hug Leonie Dawson) in Australia.

Not only was my business going well but I was enjoying it so much and kept attracting amazing soul clients. I noticed that when I had fun, took time off to play and connect with nature, my business was flowing. And as soon as I started to work “hard” and push through resistance instead of giving it love, business slowed down.

I knew there was an important message here so I started exploring this deeper. The more I aligned with my soul’s purpose and my core values the more my business expanded. Over the years I have deepened my energy techniques and tools and my commitment to doing business in a different, more intuitive and soulful way.

I received very clear (and insistent) guidance to create the Lead With Heart MasterMind to help you step into your power and become the heart-centred, intuitive leader you truly are. The world is changing and you are being called to step up and embrace both the masculine and feminine energies so you can guide your people from a place of wholeness.

it is time to rise.

it is time to embody the light leader you are.

My intention with this 5 month journey together is that you feel so safe and deeply supported that you embrace ALL of who you are and feel confident so show up fully, in your unique way. When you embody your inner wisdom and deep power as well as your creative joy and unique personnality you will call in everything (and everyone) aligned with your vibration.

Your soul family will find you and they will want to work, co-create and be supported by you. They will feel empowered to rise and embrace their purpose too. Your connection will feel expansive, loving and effortless.

it will feel like coming home.

this is what i’m offering you.

a path that feels like YOU.

authentic. inspired.

guided from within.

Do what you love and the dream clients and money will flow? If you have released the patterns and programming that allow you to call them in, then yes.

When your mind, body and soul are in alignment this becomes possible – maybe even inevitable.

When you ask for something in your business (i e dream clients or certain amounts of money) but don’t feel worthy of it or believe it’s greedy to ask for it – you are blocking it from your life.

I’m here to show you how to reconnect all parts of you so you are in alignment with your highest purpose and embody them fully.  

I doesn’t have to be so hard. Doing your soul’s work can be filled with
ease, flow and joy!

That does’t mean it will always feel easy but there is a deep sense of being carried by the current of life instead of swimming upstream. I’ve helped hundreds of clients to release old patterns and programming so they can become the clear and powerful channels they are.

During our time together they have given birth to transformational programs, best-selling books, sold out live event, sacred journeys and new websites. They have reconnected to their purpose and called in the most amazing dream clients, collaborators and (seemingly miraculous) business opportunities.

This is what happens when you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

lead with heart – a loving mastermind for light leaders

You will learn how to:

  • Reconnect with your soul and your highest purpose so your business can expand organically and with ease
  • Release all the blocks, patterns, programming and stuck energies that are holding you back from shining your beautiful light
  • Create a loving and powerful relationship with the soul of your business, your projects and everyone connected to your soul’s work
  • Call in your ideal soul clients, perfect partners, collaborators and support team (VA, web designer, accountant, project manager)
  • Honour your own rhythm and the rhythm of life so you can harness the energy and work with it
  • Tune in to your creative flow, inner guidance and healing power so you can use them to expand your business
  • Open up to receive all the abundance that is already here for you
  • Do business YOUR way

If you’re ready to call in your highest vision for your business and life, join us now!

We start on January 21 2019 with a powerful Live Call and end on June 21 2019.

Registrations are open until January 31.

One payment – 2200 USD. Please click on the button below:

5 monthly payments of 480 USD. Please click on the button below:

As soon as you have paid the first monthly installment you have locked in your space. The following 5 payments will be automatically withdrawn monthly from your PayPal account from February 2019 until May 2019.

Are you unsure if this is the right program for you? Schedule a free 30 min Purpose Alignment Session below by January 31 and I’ll tune in to where you are on your business journey and help you realign to your purpose.

kind words from my dear clients about my work:

“Karina’s messages of love, light and alignment are of immeasurable help to my spiritual and business path.

Karina’s guidance blew me away – she knew deeply and absolutely what I was going through. She gave me clarity and compassion and wise woman wisdom on what I needed to do.

Every single one of her words resonated as truth. I wholeheartedly recommend Karina and her intuitive guidance. 

She is an incredible woman with incredible gifts.”

Leonie Dawson, Soul-Centered Biz + Life Mentor, Author & Artist, www.leoniedawson.com

“I loved working with Karina so much. She was always so insightful, wise and reassuring in our sessions together. I always came away feeling buoyant and excited to take action in my business.”

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money Mindset Mentor

“Karina Ladet is a pure channel, wise mentor and excellent healer.  As well as being a great friend, I have had the pleasure of receiving many wonderful sessions from Karina, which always leave me feeling aligned, grounded and back home in myself.

Karina creates a safe and loving space, which help her clients and groups shine in their life and business.”

Lara Waldman, Healer, Channel, Mentor & Author of Money Manifestation Mastery

the lead with heart mastermind


  • Get clear on your big why
  • Embody your future self
  • Connect with and call in your people (clients/employees/collaborators)
  • Set clear intentions for your life and your business
  • Map out your creations for 2019


  • Remember who you are and tune in to your own wisdom
  • Create a work and play flow that honours who YOU are
  • Embody the perfect balance between structure and flow for you
  • Trust your own wisdom and inner knowing
  • Allow yourself to thrive

sacred support

  • Create personalised rituals to support every part of your sacred work

  • Call in the right people to support you physically, emotionally and spiritually

  • Create systems and practices to help your work flow with more ease

  • Heal and nurture your relationship with money to create financial stability and wealth

  • Allow yourself to RECEIVE

Self love

  • Transform fears and limiting stories so you can embrace all of who you are
  • Open up and love yourself unconditionally
  • Create practices to care for yourself on all levels
  • Let love for yourself and your wellbeing guide you in your business
  • Deepen your self care so you can expand your work without feeling overwhelmed


  • Love and accept yourself fully and create clear boundaries
  • Transform old patterns and stories connected to self worth and honour your values
  • Let go of the desire to please others and honour your truth
  • Get clear on where to focus your energy and when to say no
  • Love yourself first and then serve others from this place


  • Reconnect with your big vision and live it
  • Align all parts of you with your highest purpose and embody them fully
  • Open up and receive all the powerful energies that you channel
  • Let the radiant light fill you up and share it with the world
  • Honour who you are and why you are here
  • Don’t hold back – Now is the time to SHINE


We start on January 21 2019 and end on June 21 2019.

“It’s only when we feel safe enough to be exactly who we are that effortless miracles reveal themselves in our lives. Karina has invested herself in decades of transformative healing to be a vessel to guide us onwards in our sacred purpose. I have felt the tingles of alignment and ease that unfolds when we remember how loved and guided we are – I know it’s time to rise”

Lysa Black, Healer & Mentor for gifted business leaders

“I really love Karina’s intuition and energy. It feels clear and present and the same time like a universal dream. When I dive into Karinas meditations I feel a deep and loving connection. It helps me to remember who I am on a deep soul level. I reconnect with myself and it helps me to ground and nourish. I feel it on a deep level.

Last time I read Karina’s Intuitive Reading, I felt a deep shift inside of me! I feel so much love for me and compassion. I deeply honor her work and I am so grateful for her doing and her being.

She is a true lighthouse and a beautiful soul. So happy to have her support! Karina thank you for everything!

Karin Nikbahkt, Spiritual Mentor & Intuitive Healer

“I love Karina’s meditations, I love to be in a beautiful sacred space with the other members of her circles. I have connected to new friends and long missed soul sisters.

Being part of Karina’s groups is always a highly spiritual experience, deep sacred work is happening, without you even noticing. Karina has the magic of holding beautiful loving space for all the women, and is supportive and understanding.

I can highly recommend Karina, her work and all of her offerings to anyone feeling guided to work with beautiful Karina.”

Caroline Palmy, Heart Flow Healer,

“Karina Ladet is an amazing soul. She embodies what she teaches. She radiates so much love and softness. I opened myself up to her support and I’m grateful I did.

I feel like she wrapped us up in so much love all the time, so that we could move through all the challenges, the ever ongoing releasing and integrating with so much more ease.

No one can do the transformation for you, but it is so much easier and nicer, when you have a circle of soul sisters you can come back to and share and receive love and support. I feel like so much has shifted this past year and I have grown so much.

Thank you Karina for the amazing work you do, for showing us the new way of doing business – from the heart and by honoring ourselves, our rhythm and our feminine energy. Much love to you. Keep shining your light.”

Deborah Kindermann-Zeilinger, Channel, Intuitive Healer & Bridge to Higher Consciousness


You are a powerful co-creator.


I am an intuitive channel and mentor for conscious entrepreneurs and I create safe, sacred spaces for you to:

  • Release limiting patterns and fears so you can embrace your purpose and share your powerful gifts
  • Feel at home in your body and fully ground here on earth
  • Stop sabotaging yourself and truly love the beautiful being you are
  • Honour your own rhythm and the rhythm of life so you can harness the energy and work with it
  • Listen to your inner voice and your Soul Team and TRUST the guidance you receive
  • Embrace all of who you are and fully embody the wisdom and guidance that want to manifest through you

When you hold back and let your fears run the show:


  • You doubt everything and can’t seem to make a decision and then commit to it
  • You feel like something is missing and either you know what it is but can’t shift it or you can’t put your finger on it
  • You attract clients who drain you, don’t take responsibility for their own stuff or who are unwilling to invest in you
  • You don’t feel confident about your prices and keep doubting them or give discounts all the time
  • You doubt your own value and the power of your gifts so you tend to overgive or attract clients who aren’t ready
  • You second guess yourself and don’t trust (or take the time to listen) to your inner guidance
  • You don’t honour your own needs and work too hard or don’t make time for what you love

Do you connect with your inner guidance
and trust it to take inspired action?

do you honour your deep calling and align your powerful wisdom with all parts of your business?

The Lead With Heart Mastermind is created for conscious entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact, open up to receive more support and feel less doubt as they invite more joy, flow and freedom into their business.

We start on January 21 2019 and end on June 21 2019. Registrations are open until January 31.

The program includes:

  • Each module includes guided energy processes (audio) and Facebook Lives or written prompts to support you
  • Powerful monthly group gatherings filled with deep connections, sisterhood, deep healing work and intuitive guidance. All time zones are included and we will choose the times together. All calls will be recorded and you will be able to send in your questions if you can’t attend.
  • 3 x 90 min Mentoring sessions with me so you can receive powerful guidance and deep energy healing specifically for where you are now.
  • Guest teachers Lysa Black and Jodee Peevor who will offer powerful master classes to support you
  • Powerful Ancient Egyptian sacred oils to support you
  • Access to a private Facebook group with amazing soul family for regular healing, channelled messages, guidance and prompts to support you
  • Loving support and energy healing throughout the duration of the mastermind

guest teachers:

Master Class:  BOUNDARIES: Inner Energy + External Expression

Our personal boundary requirements are varied and unique to each of us. This individuality in personal dividing lines between me and you, mine and yours, us and them, right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable is something that we each need to discern personally.

You can confirm your boundary lines of demarcation by paying attention to your own feelings. Our anger, sadness and joy all clarify how to map out the territory to define what we need to feel respected, appreciated and loved in this world. Being aware of our inner energy and having the ability to clear our own field and stay connected to it is only one side of boundaries.

The other side is cultivating and developing a verbal repertoire of expressions that support us to represent and advocate for our boundaries in the external world.

Marrying these two inner and outer components creates a sense of safety and peace to live in this world from the center of our truth.


Lysa Black, Business Mentor dedicated to Gifted Leaders who want to rise and prosper on purpose with ease
I believe business is not just a channel for prosperity – It’s also a vehicle to fulfill our unique purpose and make a difference in the world. After 10 years in business, two published books and 5 stage shows reading hearts LIVE, I have followed my intuitive guidance to align my business with my soul purpose, spiritual gifts and kindred tribe.


For the last 4 years I have been providing for my family, while my Husband retired and became a stay-at-home Dad, we have two children: Orion is 8 and Bow is 5.

I serve Healers, Coaches and Gifted Biz Leaders; who want support to align their business with greater ease and influence.

Find Lysa here:  

Master Class: Jodee Peevor will offer an amazing group class on Sacred Support

Jodee Peevor, Kajabi, Joomla & WordPress Expert – from idea to launch

We build for you or support you to build yourself on all areas of your build, from marketing your message to setting up your tech and launching.

Hi I’m Jodee, I love building beautiful online businesses and I’m the host of Jodee’s Teepee Weekender – an amazing whole-of-soul event in my home in wonderful Worcestershire, England.

love to get my geek on creating the strategy and systems to support amazing sales funnels for clients all around the world. I pride myself on providing one of the few online consultancies that offers complete support for everything from idea through to launch.

I grew up in Kenya and was run over by a speedboat when I was nine but escaped by diving like the mermaid in Splash and only received minor injuries.

Find Jodee here: 

lead with heart is right for you if:

  • You experience a lot of fear and doubt and find it challenging to keep your energy clear and high consistently
  • You struggle to create a sustainable way to run your business and put a lot of pressure on yourself
  • You long for a loving and truly supportive group of soul sisters who get you
  • You want to integrate your intuition and powerful energy work into all parts of your business
  • You compare yourself to competitors and doubt your gifts and offers
  • You are filled with great ideas that feel really exciting but you have a hard time to actually create them AND promote them to your tribe
  • You need to raise your income but don’t know how to align with higher prices
  • You know you are here to give birth to a big vision but feel stuck on the how
  • You are the one everyone else comes to for help and lack the right kind of support to grow into your big vision
  • You don’t honour your own rhythm and the natural ebb and flow of life enough
  • You want to feel free, joyful and have the time to enjoy your life outside your business
Lead With Heart is probably not right for you if:


  • You’re not ready to go deeper into the core issues that are being triggered by your business challenges.
  • You’re not willing to make time for the inner work and make it a priority
  • You aren’t ready to invest in yourself and your business
  • You only want practical and strategic business advice

I would love to support you on this sacred journey

I know from experience that doing the inner work is always worth the investment.

You are the foundation of your business. When you are in alignment with your purpose and call in all of the support available, your whole world will transform in miraculous ways.

By saying yes to this mastermind and your own inner guidance you are opening up to infinite possibilities.

I know how tempting it is to jump on another practical business course, e-book or Facebook group but the truth is that the success of your business comes from within.

When you have released the energies that are holding you back (patterns, beliefs, programming) and you are in alignment with your mind, body and soul you can create anything you desire.

Something magical happens with you reconnect all parts of your being and call in what you truly desire. You will start to consistently attract the perfect clients, project and support to expand your work. And success (whatever this means to you) becomes inevitable.

are you ready to release your old ways of Doing?

to embrace your fears and lead your business with heart?

Book your space now.

One payment – 2200 USD Please click on the button below:

5 monthly payments of 480 USD Please click on the button below:

Are you unsure if this is the right program for you? Schedule a free 30 min Purpose Alignment Session below by January 31 and I’ll tune in to where you are on your business journey and help you realign to your purpose.

Your soul family is waiting for you to say yes. Welcome into the sacred circle of Soulful Leaders With Heart.

With all my love and gratitude,

signature-karinaPS : I’d love to help you create miracles in your business and life. Join us.


intuitive guidance for your heart & soul

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