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do you fear losing what you have (and the people you love) if you embody more power & embrace the leader & visionary you are?

do you resist allowing your business to grow to the next level because you struggle with structure & to receive more support?

do you long for loving guidance or healing in some part of your life?

I’d love to support you.

let’s do it together.

During our session you will receive messages that will resonate deeply within your soul. You will receive powerful healing energies and if there are any blocks that are making it difficult for you to move forward in your life or business we will hold the space for them to be acknowledged and healed.

You will leave our sacred container feeling clear, grounded, connected and ready to move forward. You will reconnect with your big vision and embrace the clear path ahead. Feeling lovingly supported. Ready?

a private session with me will support you if:

  • Your business is doing well but you long for more. More clients, creations, money & you want to be of greater service to the world.
  • Your business skills don’t match your intuitive & creative super powers.
  • You resist structure and don’t have the right systems in place to grow your business consistently (without working all the time).
  • You struggle to embrace the business parts and only focus on following your intuition and going with the flow (hello, inconsistent income and emotional rollercoaster!)
  • Your soul is calling you to embody the powerful visionary and leader you are but you resist it. (the push/pull is exhausting)
  • You often feel like there is not enough time, energy or resources to reach the dreams you know are possible
  • Your work is physically and emotionally exhausting and your body longs for a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.
  • You don’t feel joyful, spacious or free as often as you’d like
  • You know that there must be another way 

are you ready to join me?

I would love to support you.

Book your private session now

400 EUR for a 60 min session + a 30 min bonus follow up session 2-4 weeks later

(The extra bonus session is only available for 8 people!)

As soon as you purchase your session you will be automatically redirected to my online booking system. 

kind words about my private sessions:

“Karina’s sessions blew me away – she knew deeply and absolutely what I was going through. She gave me clarity and compassion and wise woman wisdom on what I needed to do.

Every single one of her words resonated as truth. I wholeheartedly recommend Karina and her intuitive guidance. Karina’s messages of love, light and alignment are of immeasurable help to my spiritual and business path.

She is an incredible woman with incredible gifts.”

Leonie Dawson, Soul-Centered Biz + Life Mentor, Author & Artist,

“It was like she wrapped a blanket of love and safety around me that has energetically stayed with me for a long time.

My intuitive session with Karina was brilliant and resonated with the deepest part of me. She has such a compassionate and gentle nature, I felt immediately connected to her.

She quickly got right to the heart of what was so important for me to hear with incredible accuracy and depth. I felt much lighter, reassured and filled with faith after hearing her guidance.”

Lori Portka, Artist and Author

“I loved working with Karina so much. She was always so insightful, wise and reassuring in our sessions together. I always came away feeling buoyant and excited to take action in my business.”

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money Mindset Mentor

“Karina delivered cosmic wisdom to me that was poignant and precious. She gently reminded me of what’s real, what I have to be grateful for, and most excitingly, what I have to look forward to. With tears in my eyes, I paid close attention to every message, and my heart sang with love and joy at how accurately she described both my dreams and my marriage.

I left my reading with Karina feeling fuelled, refocused, and as if I was starting to remember what this life is all about. In times of doubt and frustration, Karina’s reading is my go-to resource; it energises me back into FAITH.

This type of service is a true testament to the many, many hours that Karina must have spent connecting to Divine Spirit. She translates beautifully, and I trust in her connection, fully.”

Tara Bliss, Author, Speaker + Yogi

“Karina is such a genuinely caring and connected soul. My reading with her was a truly enlightening experience – she made me feel calmer about concerns I had, and clearer on certain areas of my life. She makes the whole experience a safe, nurturing and powerful conversation with your guides, and it was a beautiful way to connect more with my spirituality.“

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Writer, Producer and Mindful Mama, Coach

“I did an intuitive reading with Karina almost a year ago, and I’m not sure there are enough words to express how amazing and wonderful of an experience it was. Karina has a beautiful energy and grace about her, and was so kind throughout all of our interactions. We did our session by email, and Karina was very prompt with her response. Connecting with Spirit in this way is beyond powerful.

Throughout the past year, I have used the responses to my questions to help me navigate through a very challenging time of major life changes. The intuitive reading with Karina has given me so much courage and strength, and I refer back to it when I feel the need for a little reminder that I am not alone in all this, and that Spirit is with me, loving and guiding me in this journey.

Karina is so fabulous at what she does, and I look forward to my next reading with her!”

Christina Vega, Yogi and Artist

“I was guided to book a session with Karina to help me get unstuck from the mental fog that was clouding around my desire to expand my healing business and make some lifestyle changes. I wasn’t sure which direction to go in, and the doubt and confusion were holding me back.

It’s not often I reach out to a psychic or intuitive, but even just from Karina’s photo I could feel her warmth, kindness and pure connection with the divine. And when we had our reading I was so happy to discover she is even more warm, wonderful and tuned-in in person!

Karina’s reading came from the heart, and she was spot-on about what was going on for me, and how I could best move forward. I felt incredibly cared for by her, and greatly appreciated her intuitive coaching, which helped me get the clarity I desired.

One thing Karina mentioned was that I need to spend time over winter at a place that seemed put of time and in its own little world. I’m now on the island of Madeira for a month in December, which is a beautiful bubble of peace and calm in the middle of the Atlantic – so she was 100% accurate!

I’m now taking exciting new steps in my business and creating the expansion I desired. My reading with Karina was an investment well worth making, and I’m so glad I’ve discovered her!

Thank you Karina for helping me get out of the fog and into forward motion again, and for providing such a nurturing, loving space for my reading.

Cordelia Francesca Brabbs, Magical Mentor and Miracles Activator

“Karina’s intuitive reading was soulful, beautifully delivered and gave me a strong and clear vision for the year ahead. Karina is open-hearted, warm and literally oozes love, and you can’t help but be inspired by not only the wisdom she shares, but the way she shares it.

Feeling blessed to have crossed paths with this angel.”

Rachel MacDonald, Life + Blog Coach, soul-centred writer and speaker
In Spaces Between

imagine this…

Having a business that gives you the time & space to fully enjoy your life, without having to worry about money or what to create next.

A solid foundation that supports you no matter what’s going on in your life.

Imagine starting each week with a clear structure & systems in place to support your amazing clients so you can be of even greater service.

It will not only give you financial freedom but also enough time to rest, play & go on adventures.

This level of freedom will give you a life beyond your wildest dreams!

why work with me?

I’m Karina Ladet, a Business Mentor for intuitive and creative  female entrepreneurs. I am here to support you to let go of what’s holding you back so you can embrace your purpose and bring your big (and small) business dreams into reality. I believe that you are worthy of your deepest desires. 

When you tap into a big dream, it’s so important to create a solid business foundation to make it possible. 

My deepest wish is for you to have a successful and prosperous business that supports you AND feels exciting, spacious and fun.

I started my business in 2012 and I have created retreats and workshops worldwide, co-created 4 hugely successful European business events and created several signature programs and memberships both in English and in French.

I’ve learnt so much and grown immensely thanks to investing in the best heartcentred mentors, business programs and masterminds (Marie Forleo’s B-School, Hiro Boga’s powerful private mentoring and programs and Leonie Dawson’s business programs).

Before starting my own business I got a university degree in Communications & Media Science from Lund University (Sweden) and UQAM in Montréal (Canada). 

A few years in the corporate world as a Marketing & General Manager for Scandinavia at an international recruitment company in Stockholm and as a Project Manager at a Communication Agency in Paris gave me lots of professional experience and connections.

I am now so happy to share all my expertise and wisdom with you you.

are you ready to release what no longer serves you and fully embrace your big vision for yourself and the world?

Book your private session now:

400 EUR for a 60 min session + a 30 min bonus follow up session 2-4 weeks later

(The extra bonus session is only offered to the next 8 people who book!)

As soon as you purchase your private session you will be automatically redirected to my online booking system. 

I would love to answer any questions you may have and hope to connect with you soon.

Love and gratitude,


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