do you want to connect with the powerful new moon and call in what you desire?

let’s clear the past and meet in sacred circle. 

join me on august 19!

are you ready to let go of what’s holding you back? imagine being surrounded by loving soul sisters in a safe space. 

are you ready to connect with the powerful new moon in leo and set your intentions? i’d love to support you.

We’ll spend appr 1 hour live on Zoom on the magical New Moon and you’ll receive all the love, healing and powerful energies you long for. 

wednesday august 19 at 11 AM Los angeles/2 PM New York/7 PM UK/8 PM CET/

thursday august 20 at 4 AM Sydney/6 AM NZ

(Click here to find your time zone. If you can’t join us live you’ll receive a recording after the call.)

During this meditation you will:

  • Release any patterns, programming, fears and energies holding you back.
  • Connect with your heart and soul to set new intentions.
  • Activate your power and light, and anchor them into your body and into the Earth.
  • Reconnect with your beautiful soul team and receive their loving support.
  • RECEIVE so much healing, expansion and joy!

    Practical info:

    • We will connect live on Zoom during appr 1 hour for a guided meditation and you are welcome to share or ask questions if you wish. 
    • If you can’t join us live there will be a recording sent after the call.

It’s been a BIG year already so if you feel called to fill up with powerful energies and embodied wisdom to bring your deepest dreams into being – this is for you. Allow yourself to receive healing support and deep connection. I am here to hold a safe and loving space for you.

If you are holding yourself back, this meditation will help you move through the fear and reconnect with your inner wisdom. You are being called to step up and trust your inner guidance.

Sign up below and let’s connect on August 19!

Investment: 22 EUR (appr 25 USD)

registrations close 1 hour before we start! 

(When you click on “sign up here” you’ll be sent to PayPal to make the payment (they accept all major credit cards). Then you’ll receive all practical info by e-mail from me.)

Hi, I’m Karina Ladet, an intuitive channel who mentors conscious entrepreneurs to embrace their purpose.

As a heartcentred intuitive I can see who you truly are and help you release what’s holding you back  and reconnect with your soul’s purpose.

My gift is to create a safe space where you feel so deeply supported and loved that you can share your gifts and light with the world.

kind words about my work

“It is a wonderful experience working with Karina, she brings a fresh light to questions and life events, coupled with amazing guided meditations that i love using again and again to get clarity on projects, next steps or just to chill out. Magical! Thank you Karina.”

Adele Winkley, Concept to Creation

“I know Karina has a lovely groundedness to her work. She can talk about “out there” stuff too, but always brings it back to real life. Her guided meditations are soooo yummy, I feel so grounded, relaxed and relieved afterwards. So present in my body while being spiritually uplifted. The woman is magical, if you have a chance, go experience it for yourself.”

Monique Coppens, Coach & Healer

“I have gained so much from working with Karina. I was having trouble stilling my mind and connecting with anything other than my busy mind. Karina’s lovely voice and wise teachings have brought me to a much more connected and calm place. Her meditations are powerful and transformative. The tools she shares have been life changing for me and I am immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

Tasha Tin, Wellness Witch

“Karina is a gentle, kind guide. She offers simple, yet deep and effective meditations for anyone looking for a boost on their healing path. Karina is generous to provide support, tips, and love along the way. If you find it easy to help others, but want to give yourself the opportunity to receive support, this is an amazing way to do it!”

Natalie Kittell, Mind-Body Coach & Reiki Practitioner

is it finally your time to let go and open up to receive?

join us for a magical new moon meditation.

registrations close 1 hour before we start! 

Let’s connect in sacred circle and explore this powerful New Moon together.

I can’t wait to support you on your journey!

This is YOUR time.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at [email protected].

I wish you a magical week, filled with miracles!

Sending you so much love and gratitude,

PS: Do you have friends who would love to join us for this powerful New Moon Meditation? Please share this page with them. Thank you!

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