Hello lovely,

How are you? November was such a good, slow and nourishing month for me. It took me a whole month to fully come back to my life here in France after that intense and expansive journey to Australia.  I am so grateful that the end of the year are pretty calm times in my business and life. I spent my days doing yoga, resting in bed, reading and writing. And my sessions with clients were so lovely and we took our time, sharing from our hearts and drinking tea. Now that I’m in my second year of this beautiful business I have more faith in it’s own rhythm and timing.

Listening to my business and to my own heart have taught me to be even more intuitive when it comes to making decisions and creating. As many of you know I love Hiro Boga‘s teachings and this year I chose to join her incredibly deep and intense Dreaming In The Dark retreat. It was exactly what I needed at the end of this huge year. Two days to reflect on both my victories and challenges.

Two years ago I discovered Leonie Dawson and printed out my very first Yearbook and Planner. I remember how excited I was and how much fun it was to fill in the colourful and pretty pages to first close my year and then dream ahead. I’ve never been much of a traditional goal setter but these tools are amazing to get really clear on what we wish for and need.

In 2012 my Big Goals were to start my own business and offer Spirit Guide Connection Retreats in Sweden. I had dreamt of this for years but always found excuses not to make them happen. That was until my generous mom offered me membership to Leonie’s Biz & Life Academy! Being a part of such a supportive and loving community opened me up to new possibilities. Suddenly I was surrounded by inspiring & motivated women who all wanted to shine their light in the world. So, in January 2012 I jumped! I took the first step to offer my retreat – I bought a ticket to Stockholm! Now that I had the ticket I had to find a place to rent for the retreat. As soon as that was done I had to start promoting the event. And off I went!

Only 2 people attended the very first retreat but what amazing, luminous, powerful two people! One was a dear friend of mine and the other one was a friend of hers. During two whole days we channeled messages from our spirit guides, received healing, munched on amazing organic chocolate and both cried and laughed together. I can still clearly remember how my own guides lovingly guided all of us through the meditations.

This was also the first time my dear soul sister Pernilla and I worked together and it was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship and business. We then continued to offer two more retreats that year and later created Soultribe. The ball was in motion and I felt happpier and more aligned to my soul’s purpose than ever before.

Fastforward to the end of 2012 and there I was filling out my Yearbook & Planner again. This time I knew just how powerful this way of goalsetting was so I put even more energy and intention into it. With a heart filled with gratitude I wrote down 100 things I wanted for 2013 (one of my favourite parts!) and also asked for mentoring from Hiro Boga and a beautiful new website. These were Big Goals for me as I had just started my business so the cash flow was not very steady and pretty random. I was happy with any of these happening at the end of the year.

IMGP8854And then it said BANG and my inbox pretty much exploded with requests for readings (thank you Leonie and Tara Bliss & her amazing tribe for your loving support!). The year started off so well that when I got an opportunity to get a website made by the talented Jia Ni Teo I said YES – and 2 months later it was up! And I joined Become Your Own Business Adviser with Hiro Boga the same month. Yeah, pretty amazing!

I just looked back on my list of 100 thingIMGP8842s for 2013 and I was amazed by how much had happened. Some of the things I don’t even remember writing. Among the biggest ones are offering  a retreat in Australia (two!), meeting Leonie, meeting my amazing soul sister Jackie Stewart, having my own office space (I just got that one!) and seeing my mom. This has been such a full year for me. Of course it has also been a very intense and challenging year too. That’s what it’s like when we learn and grow. That’s why this is called outside the comfort zone. Cause it’s a lot of things but comfortable is not one of them ; ).

Being a Scorpio I love intense, deep, soul searching experiences but after a year like this I really needed to take these last two months of the year slow. Slow is good too ; ). And that is part of the rhythm and flow of a business (and life!). There are ebbs and flows. Now that I fully trust that the Universe gives me exactly what I need I don’t worry when work slows down. I use this time to rest, take breaks and write. I know that the busy times will come again and the more I recharge my batteries when life is slow the more ready I will be to GO when it’s time for that.

It all depends on what we wish for. I am very clear on what kind of work I want to do and how much money I need to make in order to have a good life. These needs are different for different people. My Big Goal for 2013 was to make 1.000 euros a month. That felt pretty big when I wrote it down a year ago but it happened. I have chosen to live in a place where life is not expensive (unless you want it to be!) and I don’t own much. I live in a tiny rented house and my car is pretty old. My big expenses are for travelling so I find ways of travelling that include offering retreats or I work when I’m away. The key word is clarity. When you know what you want and need setting goals becomes so much easier.

Of course I don’t get obsessed over my goals. I set them, hold that intention and vision inside and then do what I need to do to make them happen. I don’t push or struggle but rather focus and stay in the flow. What matters the most to me is what I already have in my life: love, connection, freedom, gratitude, space, my family, soul sisters. I live in a place I truly love and do what I am here to do. This is what matters most to me. All the rest is just icing on the cake ; ).

How about you? What are your wishes & dreams for next year?

If you feel like giving yourself a copy of Leonie’s Yearbook & Planner you can buy one here (for only 9.95$) or get the hard copy at Amazon here. These are also awesome gifts to someone you love (friends/family/clients/online crushes). And if you are in a really generous mood why not join us in the Academy? Everything Leonie has created is included in the membership + you get to hang out with amazing women. If you join, come and say hi! (this is an amazing gift too! my best investment ever)

Today I wish you a beautiful, full and happy day! Know that you are deeply loved and that you are powerful beyond measure. You have amazing gifts to share with this world. Remember.

With all my love,






PS: Only a couple of more days until I launch my new offer to help you Shine Your Light in 2014. I can’t wait to share it with you!



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