It’s funny how the pace around this time of year just seems to get faster and faster. And yet our bodies and souls are telling us to slow down. To get quiet. To listen. Or is it just me? This week has been pretty busy because I’m working on making my Swedish blog look all pretty and professional and then I’m doing the same for this one. I feel like I should be working really hard and be very effecient.

Yet when I sit down and close my eyes I can hear the inner call for stillness. For silence. For quiet time with myself. So I set a couple of goals and stick to those. I keep working but I do things one step at a time. And I also set aside quiet time for myself. Last week-end I spent one morning working on my texts for the blog and another couple of hours drumming on the top of my favourite mountain. That was a great balance.

Accepting what is
Now I try to accept this. Accept to be doing less. I do the best I can and I can see myself taking one step further towards my dreams. Aaaah, that feels good! I’m doing ok. And I feel ok. And then I wait. I wait for the winter solstice on December 22 when the light comes back again. When the wheel starts turning again. And I feel the call to light a fire and do a small ceremony as I read that Pink Coyote Pixie Campbell will be doing with her women’s circle. I’m a sucker for ceremony ; ). And fire ; ).

I wish you a warm and sweet evening.

Love, Karina

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