This year has been really intense so far! Don’t get me wrong – I love intense. It’s just interesting to watch how I change and grow in these big times of change. In March I chose to act on two big impulses who were calling out to me. One was to get a professional website done and the other to find a great business mentor. I had no idea how any of these things were going to happen but I could feel how important they were. Like a deep knowing in my heart that this was what I and my business needed. So I did what I often do nowadays. I clearly stated my intention and opened up to this happening in the best possible way. I had no idea that both of these big wishes would be granted within only 2 months. Pretty crazy, huh?

When the lovely and super talented coach and magic worker Jia Ni Teo first mentioned that she was opening up an offer to create websites I knew it was exactly what I needed. Within a couple of days we were all set up and a month later my gorgeous new site was up and running. Did I tell you Jia Ni is also super efficient and awesome at what she does?

My new website has only been up for about 6 weeks and it has already generated lots of extra traffic, a bunch of new people on my mailing list and I now feel really confident to send people my way. It’s really given my online presence and business an amazing boost!

Regarding finding a business mentor I am so happy to say that I love Hiro Boga’s incredible program Become Your Own Business Adviser. It is just what I need to take my business further and it’s so amazing to work on so many levels when developing new offers and when I approach how I do business. The kind and generous Hiro has such a great way of explaining the mechanisms of business and I am also doing very deep and transformative soul work. Is that a perfect fit or what?!

Every day I feel so blessed to be a part of this program and for learning new lessons and skills. It has completely changed how I view my business and it truly feels like I am working from the inside and out. This was exactly what I had wished for.

Investing in my business

Being able to invest this much money in my business after only one year was  a huge leap for me. I happened to have it when these opportunities showed up and I knew this was a sign but I had no idea how much I would be making in the weeks and months to come. Fortunately for me, whenever I show up fully and take the step that is showing up in front of me, the Universe goes YES and does a happy dance. So the more I dare to step up and say yes to the opportunities that present themselves the more I am in the flow.

As you may know, my next Big Leap is to create two Channeling Workshops in Australia. At first this dream was more of a some-day-into-a-distant-future dream but as time went by it kept insisting. I would get more and more Australian clients (love you!), people I met would talk about their trips to Australia and my spirit guides even started telling me to go for it. Now. When I first started playing with the idea in my head it felt like a lot of fun. I started contacting people who offered to help me out and a dear friend of mine even found us a beautiful place to stay exactly where we wanted to be. Things started to fall into place as  if by magic. I soon got a feeling that all I had to do was to get out of my own way and let it all flow.

That’s when I hit the wall. I started feeling a mix of emotions and started crying or getting angry with people all the time. This also brought up feelings of being unworthy of all this goodness, that it was happening too fast and too easily and that something wasn’t right. What had I done to deserve this? I ended up feeling like I was stuck in negative self-talk and icky feelings.

As I’ve been doing spiritual work for a while now I knew that the only way to get all the ickiness out of the way so I could back to doing the fun stuff again was to deal with it. OK, secretly I was hoping it would go away by itself ; ). That didn’t work.

Thank goodness I am blessed with some really amazing friends and when I talked about all this with my amazing soul sister (who also happens to be an awesome channel & healer) Cara Wilde she gently said that the reason why I was having all these feelings & fears coming up was because I was about to take a Big Leap out of my (not always so comfortable) comfort zone. Right! Of course. So when I heard other people talk about hitting upper limits this is what they were talking about it. OK, I’m a lot more intuitive and clear-sighted when it comes to seeing other people’s patterns than my own.

Cara also told me that I didn’t have to do it all on my own but that I could ask for help, hrm, so I’ve booked a session with her next week and I can’t wait to explore this with her. If you haven’t met Cara yet do check her out here and if you feel drawn to her work let me just tell you that she is the real deal. She’s got so much experience and she’s both incredibly deep and hilarious. My favourite combo!

If you feel too feel stuck in a yucky place here are my top 3 ways of moving through to the other side:

  • Talk about it. Find someone kind and wise to talk to and let it all out. If you feel comfortable crying and hugging with this person that is great!
  • Sit with what is. Just sit down and allow for whatever feelings or sensations that come up to just be. Don’t analyze them or judge yourself for having them just accept that they are there.
  • Go outside and ground yourself. With your feet (barefoot?) in the grass and your heart open to receive the gorgeous healing offered so generously by Mother Nature you will feel your spirits lift.

Pay What You Can for Spirit Guide Kits 1 & only 95 euros for Kit 2!!

Now to celebrate that I am going to get on that plane to Australia (and to actually afford buying the tickets, ha, ha!) I am doing a Pay What You Can Deal starting today and until next Friday May 10th. If you would love to learn how to connect with your spirit guides you can grab your kit (a 5 week long e-course) for only 10, 20 or 30 euros here AND if you want to get some one on one guidance by me I am offering option 2 for only 95 euros (124 USD). That’s half the usual price and you get a one on one 90 min session (intuitive reading + personal advice on how to go througth the kit – this alone is worth 110 euros (144 USD)!).

I wish you a beautiful day and I believe in YOU

With so much love and gratitude,

PS: I can’t wait to watch you experience first hand contact and connection with your spirit guide. This is such a life changing experience! Take the time – it’s sooo worth it.


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