How I show up consistently

Hello beautiful soul,

This morning I did a spontaneous Facebook Live inspired by one of the wonderful women in my Embrace Your Purpose program. The topic was: How do I show up consistently in my heart-centred business?

She mentioned that she kept seeing me create and launch big programs, live events and workshops and was wondering how I could do it all.

Isn’t it interesting how different our lives and businesses look like from the inside (for us) compared to how other people see us? Like most people I am often focusing on the next big thing and feel like I’m far from my Big Vision. I have to take a step back and look at what I have created so far. When I do I am filled with so much joy and gratitude.

I love my business deeply. I love living THIS life and I have created my very own version of the dream life. I am deeply committed to showing up fully and I am not willing to sacrifice anything that is important in order to embrace my soul’s purpose.

I believe in an infinite Universe, always guiding us Home.

How do I show up consistently in my heart-centred business


During our conversation on Facebook this morning I shared some of the key things that I focus on to show up consistently and I also explore them deeper in my upcoming program Clear Your Path and Shine.

  • Honour yourself. Pay attention to your own rhythm and energy levels and embrace them. If you have lots of energy and feel creative in the mornings, do your important work then. Take care of your body, emotions and spirit so you can show up fully and not push yourself beyond what is healthy for you. Listen and trust your own guidance and create a business that feels good right now.
  • Honour your values. Is kindness and integrity important to you? Show up with kindness and set the rules for anyone who enters your sacred business space. Always tune in before you choose what to do or what to invest in. Honour what really matters to you. Your business = your creation. 
  • Connect with your Big Vision. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the details and the things you “should” do in order to be successful, take a step back and connect with your vision. Let your daily action and everything you create come from a deep connection with your Big Vision. Let this energy fuel you and your business. Remember to keep calling in this power and make decisions based on where you wish to go.
  • Focus on how you want to feel. It’s great to set tangible goals like how much money you wish to make or how many people you wish to enrol in your programs but remember how you actually want to feel. Get clear on your core desired feelings (Danielle Laporte is the expert on this!) and ask yourself how you can feel this way every day. I love feeling free and expansive so I do something that makes me feel this way every day. Sometimes I go on an adventure for a day or I take a day off to just have fun. It helps me enJOY my business and I get so many creative ideas and downloads when I take breaks.
  • Be kind. Are you too busy to be kind to yourself or others? If you want to create a sustainable business it’s so important to take great care of yourself and people you love (clients, collaborators, team members). And when you don’t reach those big goals, remember to be extra kind and compassionate with yourself. Being a heart-centred entrepreneur is a challenging journey and you are doing the best you can. So give yourself a break – and a big hug.

I hope this was helpful and would love to know which ones resonated the most with you. What do you struggle with when it comes to showing up consistently? And what support really helps you?

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Sending you so much love and joy, sweet soul,


PS: Your light is needed. Do what it takes to stay clear and connected to your heart and soul.

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