Shine Your Light Blog Tour 2015


I wish you a warm welcome to the Shine Your Light Blog Tour 2015!

You are a beautiful, radiant and powerful being. My deepest wish is for you to let go of the stories, patterns and obstacles that keep you stuck in a life that doesn’t feel like yours. My mission is to encourage, inspire and hold space for your inner light to shine as brightly as possible. We are so blessed to have such inspiring and courageous women in this world and I have invited 18 of my soul sisters and favourite wise women to share their stories and wisdom on how to shine your light here.
We start on January 5 and you will receive an inspiring post until January 30. I hope you take some time out from your busy day to sit down and receive these golden nuggets of joy, magic and love. If what you read/hear/see lifts you up and helps you connect with your true essence, please share with your friends and tribe in any way that feels joyful and easy.
Rise and Shine, singer/songwriter Cora Flora
Shine Your Light! How to act like a Spirit Guide, intuitive counselor and happiness coach Kari Samuels
The Best Flower Essences To Shine Your Light, soul alchemist Jackie Stewart
Free your spirit – get structured! spiritual mentor and healer Ruby Toad
How To Shine Your Light This Year, Mama, author, speaker and mindful mama coach Taylor-Kabbaz
17 Ways To Shine Your Light Through The VAT Mess, healer, communicator and financial psychic Yiye Zhang
Want To Shine? Lighten Up, author, artist and teacher Lucy Pearce
That’s How The Light Gets Out, mindful holistic health guide Melanie Sylla
Shining Your Light Through The Darkness, intuitive soul coach (for the new children and their families) Megan Koufos
Pierce Your Shadow, Shine Your Light, writer, artist and mentor Donna Raymond
Align my life series: Karina Ladet, kinesiologist Kerry Rowett
Discovering And Exploring Your Light In 2015, healer, coach and yoga teacher Corona Brady Rogers
Seek, Find and Shine, mentor and coach Dawn Bournand
Beep, Beep! I’m On The Shine Your Light Blog Tour. Hop On And Come Join me, transformation expert and marketing consultant Juliet Turalski
Restoring Your Radiance,  sacred soul alchemist, healer, writer, channel and mentor Belinda Pate-MacDonald
Shine Your Light, healer, channel & writer Pernilla Hjort
How Do You Shine Your Light? author, healer & mentor Kris Oster
If you feel like 2015 is your Big Year to Shine Your Light, I would love to support you with my sacred tools and practices + mega doses of channelled messages from my spirit guides & love. At this time of the year only I offer packages of 4 intuitive readings + 4 guided meditations to help you tune into the energy of each season so you can make the most of it. Embracing the rhythms of life is so much easier and powerful than working, pushing against them. So this is an invitation to get in touch with YOU and honour your inner voice and embrace your wisdom fully.
Find out more about Shine Your Light In 2015 here and lock in your space. The spaces are limited and will only be available until January 31.
I wish you a gorgeous month and hope to connect with you!
With deep love and gratitude,
PS: You are always loved, always supported. Know that what you need is always right here, inside you.

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