If you long for sisterhood, a loving space to be supported and held as you release your fears and embrace ALL of who you are – welcome into my sacred circles. Find out more about my programs and if you feel the call, join us!

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lead with heart

(5 months)

A loving mastermind for soulful leaders ready to rise (even if it scares you). Are you ready to release your fears and embrace the light leader you are? Do you feel a deep call from your soul to share your gifts with the world and SHINE your unique light?

When you are in alignment with your purpose and call in your power, your whole world transforms in miraculous ways.

Program dates:  February 3 – June 30, 2021

Registrations open: now and close on February 3. 

wise woman circle

 (6 months or 1 year)

A truly magical membership and community for loving support and sisterhood.

Sign up now and join our amazing community on Facebook with loving soul family for weekly healing, channelled messages, guidance and prompts to support you. 

You’ll also receive powerful monthly group calls live on Zoom and access my membership filled with over 1.000 euros of programs, courses and guided meditations!

Program dates: running now.

Registrations open: closed and will open in March 2021.

embrace your purpose (6 months) 

Join me and an amazing group of wise women in this intuitive business program for conscious entrepreneurs! Experience deep transformation and powerful shifts through doing work in this expansive and quite magical way.

When you release the energies that are holding you back (patterns, beliefs, programming) and you are in alignment with your mind, body and soul you can create anything.

You are the foundation of your business. When you are in alignment with your purpose and call in all the support available, your whole world transforms in miraculous ways.

By saying yes to this program and your own intuitive guidance you open up to infinite possibilities.

Program dates: September 30, 2020 – March 30, 2021

Registrations open: in June 2021. Click here to join my love letter list & receive news first.


intuitive guidance for your heart & soul

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