Honor 2022 Dream 2023 Into Being


During this recording you will:

  • Release patterns, stories, beliefs and energies that you don’t wish to bring into 2023
  • Celebrate and integrate all the gifts you received this year
  • Create a clear space inside to connect with 2023 with curiosity and playfulness
  • Explore the new year and discover what dreams, creations and gifts await you
  • Ask for what you truly desire in your life and sacred business and release anything that may hold you back
  • Map out as much (or as little) as you feel called for 2023
  • Feel deeply supported on all levels during this time of transition
  • Connect with your loving soul family and embrace a transformational end of year and a beautiful new year together
  • Let your 2023 map guide you through the year and help you stay focused on your dreams and intentions
  • Step into your power and embody your soul’s purpose

Time: 45 minutes

You’ll receive your recording (MP3 audio) immediately after purchase via e-mail.



45 min recording of our live Zoom call

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