Hello sweet soul,

I just wanted to have some fun when I created the visual for this post : ). I hope you like it! I love Halloween and it always brings back memories from when I was a student in Montréal, Canada, and first discovered this holiday. I love dressing up to look scary, eat candy and make pumpkin soup. Right now my kids are getting dressed up for the Halloween party with some friends and my son is dressing up as a vampire and my daughter is rocking some kind of mix of princess with a princess sword (?) and witch with fairy wings. Who am I to say that’s too weird ; ).

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying some really inspiring posts, audios and videos this week and I can’t wait to share them with you. Here we go:

  • If you are interested in kinesiology check out Ashley Williams (Greenlight Holistic Healing) awesome interview with the well-known, and lovely, kinesiologist Kerry Rowett (Awaken Kinesiology).
  • I love business expert Kate Byrne (Betty Means Business) and have been inspired by her for years. Listen to this lovely interview about pricing and packaging with her and the amazing Alana Wimmer at Raspberry Stripes (check out her new magazine!).
  • If you dream of travelling and being location independant, don’t miss this gorgeous masterclass with the world travellers and inspiring women Vienda Maria and Hayley Carr.
  • Hiro Boga offered a free class that was such a divine and deeply profound experience. She speaks about her online retreat Dreaming In The Dark  and how you can learn from and release this year and start to dream into being the coming one. I attended this retreat and it was absolutely amazing! It takes place on November 15-16 and it’s open for registration now.

I hope you enjoy a nice break as you listen to these inspiring women. Now I’m off to create a brand new shop that will be released very soon and I’m creating more intuitive reading packages for those of you who want to work with me next year. Yay! I’m so excited about this and can’t wait to share it.

Beaming you lots of love, joy and sunshine from the south of France,





PS: If you are looking for support to help you release what is holding you back and get back into the flow again, I’ve got spaces open for intuitive readings in November. I’d love to work with you.

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