Intuitive Guidance To Help You Shine Your Light in 2016

Intuitive Guidance 2016


You are a Beautiful Soul and you have incredible gifts to share with the world.


You are ready to embrace your soul’s purpose and to live it fully



I want you to live the most amazing, authentic and joyful life ever and know in your heart that this is what you are here to do. So, I’ve created an inspiring, nurturing & deeply magical package called Shine Your Light in 2016 so you can receive all the loving guidance and support you need in order to make this year your best year ever.

Are you ready to step into a Glorious, Abundant and Beautiful New Year?



You are an amazing Soul and I would love to help you feel more aligned, authentic and in tune with your heart and soul. This is part of my Soul’s Purpose and I have chosen to honour it by offering my services with a loving heart and an open mind.


During your intuitive readings I will help you:


  • See your old patterns and negative stories and transform them into wisdom and power
  • Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you and become happier than you have been in a long time
  • Discover your life’s purpose and start living it fully
  • Go even deeper into your own soul and connect with your inner voice to remember who you truly are
  • Discover and develop your own intuition and powerful connection to Spirit (whatever this is to you)
  • Experience big inner and outer shifts to help you see yourself and the world around you with clarity and compassion
  • Get really clear about your unique gifts and how you can share them with the world
  • Heal physical, emotional, mental & spiritual wounds from this life or past ones
  • Connect with and honour your own inner rhythm so you can work with flow and use your time and energy wisely
  • Find the clarity to consciously choose what is right (or wrong) for you in your life/relationships/business
  • Become more present, grounded and with strong, loving boundaries so you can live a life you truly love
  • Reconnect or connect even more deeply with nature, your spiritual support team and your soul
  • Create your own rituals and connect with your ancient wisdom to support you and your dreams
  • Tap into your own intuition so you can create with more joy and ease (life doesn’t have to be a struggle!)
  • Feel so loved, supported and surrounded by goodness that anything becomes possible
  • Experience true freedom and a deep sense of gratitude



What does this look like?


You and I will meet for a 60-90 min long Intuitive Reading 4 times during 2016, at the beginning of each season. We will either meet on Skype or by e-mail. There will be lots of giggles and virtual hugs : ). Oh, and you can be ready and feel fear. After each reading you will also receive a guided meditation to help you tune into the energy of each season, use it to support you and stay focused on your vision.

During our time together you will receive messages that will resonate deeply within you and help you feel more confident, make decisions easily and step forward with certainty. You will feel clearer about your passions and purpose.

My guides share very powerful healing energies and if you need any help to cut cords to people, places or situations they will lovingly do so. If there are any blockages that are making it difficult for you to move forward in your life we will hold the space for them to be acknowledged and healed.

These energies create big shifts and help you transform old habits and patterns. 


If this resonates, claim your spot by clicking on the button below. There are only a few spots available so if this makes your heart sing, now is the time to say yes. It all begins in January and then we will meet at the beginning of each season (every 3 months) so you receive the support you need to move forward with a sense of clarity and purpose.

4 x 60-90 min Skype readings or 4 x up to 10 questions by e-mail + 4 guided meditations: 800 USD (a 200 USD discount)

NB: This is 20% less than if you buy 4 single readings. This offer is only available until January 31 and I won’t be offering anything like this in 2016

Please click on the image below to make your payment of 800 USD. As soon as your payment has come through I will contact you by e-mail within 48 hours to set up our first reading through my booking system.

Do you need help to find out if my Shine Your Light packages are the right fit for you? Get in touch HERE and let’s meet for a free 30 min Discovery Session.

Your heart says yes but your finances no? There are payment plans available if you wish. Click below to make your first payment of 450 USD, with another payment of 450 USD 2 months later. As soon as your payment has come through I will contact you by e-mail within 48 hours to set up our first reading through my booking system.

IMPORTANT INFO: In order to give you the best support and the most love possible I offer very limited spaces and this offer is open until January 31 2016. This is the only time in 2016 that I will offer this package and at such an awesome price. If you feel the call, now is the time to say YES.


Kind words from my Shine Your Light clients

397758_10151371303733738_166911870_n“Spoiler alert: I told Karina she should do this year long thing because I really just wanted it for myself. I signed up as a gift for myself at the beginning of the year. It’s been the gift that keeps on giving.
Karina’s messages of love, light and alignment are of immeasurable help to my spiritual and business path.

Leonie Dawson
, Soul-Centered Biz + Life Mentor, Author & Artist,

_21A0120dalowres“I loved working with Karina so much. She was always so insightful, wise and reassuring in our sessions together. I always came away feeling buoyant and excited to take action in my business.”
Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money Mindset Mentor

Veronika“Dear Karina, it was great to have you at my side for a year :-). I started the year with the feeling of change. I have a lot oft things to change in my personal and my business life. It was a great excitement and a lot of struggle. I felt stuck, not knowing what and how to change. In your guidance I saw how I grew over the year and how I made my changes.
In the moments of stuckness your guidance empowered me to go on, in the moments of release your guidance helped me to let go of the old stuff, in the moments of creativity your guidance gave me clarity, in the moments of change your guidance supported me to be on the right path.
Thank your for your amazing light-hearted sessions over the year.”


Veronika Krytzner, Life-and Relationship Coach, Creator of CoCo – Communication connects,

“I love the quarterly sessions that Karina held. I found they were perfectly spaced to have time to receive guidance and then have enough time on my own to implement the Wisdom that was shared with me.  You start feeling like you could do with the next injection of inspiration – and the next call is due! I have been through a massive year of personal transformation.

Karina’s wisdom and intuitive readings have been a huge help to me make sense of all the changes and the new landscape that has emerged.

What makes her readings different is they are on a deep, soulful level. There are no glib “win the Lotto and meet a handsome stranger” promises. The guidance is what you require on a soul level to reconnect and move forward in a life you want to create.  Thank you so much Karina for being my guide.”

Dawn“Karina is a gifted coach and intuitive.  Her gentle yet confident way of guiding me through my questions and observations always puts me at ease and at the same time is deeply insightful.  Karina has made me realize that I can tap into a source of infinite wisdom at any time I choose.  Though I knew this at a soul level, she helped me bring this to the surface so I can use this powerful resource at any time I need.

I am so grateful for Karina and would highly recommend working with her if you want to get in touch with your essential truth.”

Dawn Z Bournand, Business and Life Coach, Fabulously Successful and The Women of Success Group

Andrea“I loved working with Karina, it felt light and warm. I am an intuitive too and every session was such a great confirmation that I am on my right path. 

What I truly love was the humour and the laughing, it was pure fun to work with her. If you need guidance for your life, business, body or relationships then step up, work with Karina and start to shine your light!”

Andrea Hiltbrunner,

More kind words about my intuitive readings

397758_10151371303733738_166911870_n“Karina’s reading was spell-bindingly beautiful. It is absolutely, hands down the most accurate reading I have ever received. EVER. And this is coming from someone who has had a bazillion readings from some really well known readers. Karina’s reading blew me away – she knew deeply and absolutely what I was going through. She gave me clarity and compassion and wise woman wisdom on what I needed to do.
Every single one of her words resonated as truth. I wholeheartedly recommend Karina and her intuitive guidance.
She is an incredible woman with incredible gifts.”

Leonie Dawson
, Soul-Centered Biz + Life Mentor, Author & Artist,

fornewsletter“It was like she wrapped a blanket of love and safety around me that has energetically stayed with me for a long time.

My intuitive session with Karina was brilliant and resonated with the deepest part of me. She has such a compassionate and gentle nature, I felt immediately connected to her.

She quickly got right to the heart of what was so important for me to hear with incredible accuracy and depth. I felt much lighter, reassured and filled with faith after hearing her guidance.”

Lori Portka, Artist and Author,

TaraB“Karina delivered cosmic wisdom to me that was poignant and precious. She gently reminded me of what’s real, what I have to be grateful for, and most excitingly, what I have to look forward to. With tears in my eyes, I paid close attention to every message, and my heart sang with love and joy at how accurately she described both my dreams and my marriage.

I left my reading with Karina feeling fuelled, refocused, and as if I was starting to remember what this life is all about. In times of doubt and frustration, Karina’s reading is my go-to resource; it energises me back into FAITH.

This type of service is a true testament to the many, many hours that Karina must have spent connecting to Divine Spirit. She translates beautifully, and I trust in her connection, fully.”

Tara Bliss, Author, Speaker + Yogi

amytaylor-kabbaz“Karina is such a genuinely caring and connected soul. My reading with her was a truly enlightening experience – she made me feel calmer about concerns I had, and clearer on certain areas of my life.
She makes the whole experience a safe, nurturing and powerful conversation with your guides, and it was a beautiful way to connect more with my spirituality.
Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Writer, Producer and Mindful Mama Coach,

ChristinaVega“I did an intuitive reading with Karina almost a year ago, and I’m not sure there are enough words to express how amazing and wonderful of an experience it was. Karina has a beautiful energy and grace about her, and was so kind throughout all of our interactions. We did our session by email, and Karina was very prompt with her response. Connecting with Spirit in this way is beyond powerful.

Throughout the past year, I have used the responses to my questions to help me navigate through a very challenging time of major life changes. The intuitive reading with Karina has given me so much courage and strength, and I refer back to it when I feel the need for a little reminder that I am not alone in all this, and that Spirit is with me, loving and guiding me in this journey.

Karina is so fabulous at what she does, and I look forward to my next reading with her!”

Christina Vega, Yogi and Artist

CordeliaB “I was guided to book a session with Karina to help me get unstuck from the mental fog that was clouding around my desire to expand my healing business and make some lifestyle changes. I wasn’t sure which direction to go in, and the doubt and confusion were holding me back.

It’s not often I reach out to a psychic or intuitive, but even just from Karina’s photo I could feel her warmth, kindness and pure connection with the divine. And when we had our reading I was so happy to discover she is even more warm, wonderful and tuned-in in person!

Karina’s reading came from the heart, and she was spot-on about what was going on for me, and how I could best move forward. I felt incredibly cared for by her, and greatly appreciated her intuitive coaching, which helped me get the clarity I desired.

One thing Karina mentioned was that I need to spend time over winter at a place that seemed put of time and in its own little world. I’m now on the island of Madeira for a month in December, which is a beautiful bubble of peace and calm in the middle of the Atlantic – so she was 100% accurate!

I’m now taking exciting new steps in my business and creating the expansion I desired. My reading with Karina was an investment well worth making, and I’m so glad I’ve discovered her!

Thank you Karina for helping me get out of the fog and into forward motion again, and for providing such a nurturing, loving space for my reading.

Cordelia Francesca Brabbs, Magical Mentor and Miracles Activator

JULESINSPIRED“Karina is a rare, soulful gem who is truly clearly connected with her gift and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to experience a session with her. In our hour together, I received potent information that was exactly what I needed to hear at the time, which gave me clarity and guidance not only in my life, but my business as well. Even months later when I listen back to our reading, I pick up more golden nuggets that serve me as I continue on my path today.

I felt more connected, on purpose, and validated after our session and learned things about myself and the work I’m here to do that I would have never considered before. 

Karina is truly authentic and works with grace. Her connection and gift is a blessing to anyone who experiences it!”

Juliet Turalski, Lifestyle & Business Transformation Coach, Writer, Speaker,


“I want to thank you from my heart for being such a beautiful person, your beauty and light shine through so magnificently in your work and even in each email. I love how encouraging you are that we do have help and love from our angels all the time. Thank you, thank you!
And to let you know, the reading I had with you was monumental in me letting go during the most fearful parts of my healing. Even though at the time I felt it was impossible to move on, that I had no idea how to transform my life, I kept reading the notes I took from what you channeled and it kept growing on me. And now I am free of nearly all that felt so difficult before.
Your loving guidance is so powerful and grows even deeper with time. Your vibration of love is so solid! I feel that this is so rare and unique. You do have a special talent of making others feel that love is the truth, and that we can be loved even materially and with physical needs in our lives. To let life LOVE us. And to treasure our heart and our feelings. That was SO helpful for me. You are so unique and beautiful, it shines out, and I hope you really see it too.”
Christie Won


You know if an Intuitive Reading is right for you if you: 


  • Feel called. Your Inner Voice knows what is right for you. Trust it : ).
  • Are at a crossroad and have to make an important choice
  • Feel lost and uncertain about what to do next
  • Lack faith in yourself and in life
  • Have lost a loved one and wish to know if he/she is ok
  • Want to live a deeper, fuller and more empowered life


Why receive a reading from me? What makes me qualified to be your Guide?


KarinaVitt3My name is Karina and I’m an intuitive reader, a mentor, a writer and a healer. Ultimately, all of my work is about helping people remember who they truly are so they can live full, authentic and joyful lives.

Because embracing your Soul’s Purpose is what you are here to do.

And if you feel like something is missing chances are you need some guidance to do this.

My life hasn’t always been as good as it is now. When I was 7 years old my father died and for many years I felt cut off from my feelings and was too afraid to trust or love anyone. It wasn’t until many years ago when I started waking up spiritually that I realized that my father would always be by my side and that I was never alone. I devoured books on spirituality and gradually my world started shifting.

During a trip to the Açore islands (where some people believe that Atlantis was situated) off the coast of Portugal I met someone who told me about channeling. I instantly knew that this was something I had to learn!

About 14 years ago I attended a channeling workshop and I can honestly say that this experience changed my life forever. I reconnected with a part of me that I didn’t know existed but felt very familiar.

Channeling means becoming a channel between our spirit guides/angels/God/Goddess and us humans. After many years of practice I now receive very clear messages from my spirit guides and I also transmit the incredibly loving and healing energies that they are here to share with us. I feel like I have gone through many initiations in order to be an as loving and clear channel as I possibly can. In addition to the big shifts I have felt on a spiritual level I am also very grateful for all the lessons I have learnt as a very physical human being ; ).

I used to feel pretty cut off from my body and spent most of my time either in my head or in other realms but being a mom to two small children has definitely forced me to get right back into the present moment. It is very important to me to have a good balance between the spiritual aspects of life and our every day life as human beings. During a reading with me you can expect very deep connections, lots of laughter and sometimes tears. 

If you feel lost or unsure of how to get back on your Path I would love to help you find the light so you can find your way home again. I believe in you. I know that you have all the answers and everything you need inside you. I also know how easy it is to get lost and forget what you came here to do. If you are ready to reclaim your power and want loving support on your journey, book a session with me and we will do it together.

I would love to help you connect with your spirit guides and all the amazing support that is always available to you.


Are you ready to release what no longer serves you

and Shine Your Beautiful Light?


Book your Shine Your Light In 2016 package now


4 x 60-90 min Skype readings or 4 x up to 10 questions by e-mail + 4 guided meditations: 800 USD (a 200 USD discount)

Please click on the image below to make your full payment of 800 USD. As soon as your payment has come through I will contact you by e-mail within 48 hours to set up our first reading through my booking system.

Or use the payment plan and click below to make your first payment of 450 USD, with another payment of 450 USD 2 months later. As soon as your payment has come through I will contact you by e-mail within 48 hours to set up our first reading through my booking system. 

IMPORTANT INFO: This package is only open for a few lovely people. This is the only time in 2016 that I will offer this package and at such an awesome price. If you feel the call, now is the time to say YES.

Do you need help to find out if my Shine Your Light packages are the right fit for you? Get in touch HERE and let’s meet for a free 30 min Discovery Session.


I am so honoured to share my gifts and experience with you. Together we will co-create this journey towards a more joyful, love-filled and amazing life for YOU.

I would love to answer any questions you may have and hope to connect with you soon.

With so much love and gratitude,




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