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I’m so happy and grateful that you are here today. It feels quite miraculous that you have found my space here in the vast online world and that you like reading my words. I love being able to share my thoughts, feelings and any nuggets of wisdom that I receive. The past couple of weeks have been super intense as Danielle Dove and I have launched our very first Joint Venture – the Spirit Guide & Angel Connection Virtual Retreat. This idea has been brewing for a while in my mind but all of a sudden it was ready to become reality.

Some of you have sent me questions about channeling and spirit guides so I will be answering as many as I can in the coming weeks blog posts. And if you have a question too, I would love to hear from you  at [email protected].

Let’s start at the beginning shall we? I grew up in a pretty normal family (as normal as they can be ; ) and don’t remember being a particularly sensitive child. Growing up my mom would often tell me about her lucid dreams and how she would dream of people and then meet them in real life. She would see signs in nature and all around her and this was pretty normal to me. When my dad died (I was 7 years old) and that was the beginning of a more sensitive time for me. I knew he was dead before anyone told me and often knew what people were really saying or who they really were and this could be confusing when their words were the opposite of the energy I was sensing from them.

As I grew up I let my intuition guide me through life and my mom always encouraged me to follow my own voice. I believe this helped me to hear it stronger and to know that it was safe to act on my inner guidance. I also remember one time when I suddenly knew in my heart that my dad would always be with me. I knew he wasn’t really gone and this inner knowing made me feel whole again. This was in my late teens.

During the following years (ages 20-28) I devoured spiritual books and started meeting people who were passionate about spirituality. I’ve always been fascinated by people and what makes us tick so learning about different people’s views on life, death and everything in between was an exciting journey. I learnt a lot but it was all very much theoretical knowledge and it wasn’t until 2000 when I met a lovely woman on a trip to the Açore islands (a group of Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that are said to be the former Atlantis) that I heard about channeling for the first time. The moment she started talking about it and a workshop she had attended in Stockholm (Sweden) I knew I had to learn how to do this. We were in the middle of a moon-like landscape where a volcano had erupted years ago and I felt such a strong and warm feeling inside me as she started describing channeling to me.

When I got back to Stockholm and my fast paced life in the corporate world I started going to an amazing healer to deal with my stomach pains (no wonder with a diet of cigarettes, diet coke, candy and the occasional meal, hrm…) and she helped me let go of lots of old patterns I had been carrying and I started discovering more of myself and my world. I spent almost a year clearing out old stuff and preparing for something new (I didn’t know this at the time) and when I heard of a channeling workshop in May 2001 I signed up right away. I honestly didn’t really know what it was or what I would do with it, I just knew I had to do it.

To say that this workshop changed my life is an understatement! I remember the exact moment when I started connecting with my guide for the first time. It felt as if I was coming home. As if I had always known how to do this but forgot and was now starting to remember. I believe that this is true. We all know how to channel, heal and manifest miracles but we have forgotten. It is time to wake up!

As soon as started connecting with my spirit guide I knew this was my Soul’s Purpose. In that moment I felt so strongly that I would give intuitive readings and teach others how to channel themselves. There is something SO powerful about connecting with our guides and receiving the messages through our own hearts, not through someone else. Of course it can help to receive that confirmation and clarity from someone who is not as close as we are but it’s so empowering to FEEL those answers inside and the energy filling us up.

My life changed very quickly after that workshop! I did it in May and although I received lots of hearts and symbols for love I didn’t realize that I was about to meet someone only a month later. I was single and really happy about that at the time. I knew it was time for me to leave Sweden at the end of the summer but thought I was going trekking in Nepal. It turns out the Universe had other plans for me. I met my husband Olivier one month after that workshop (on the summer solstice), and 5 weeks later I had quit my job, left my apartment and was on my way to Paris with him. Pretty crazy now that I think back but it seemed so natural and flowed so easily at the time.

I’ve been offering intuitive readings since then (almost 13 years now) and I keep learning and growing the more I do them. The first 6 years or so I would do readings for friends and family and slowly it expanded to people online and friends of friends. It wasn’t until 7 years ago that I finally took the leap and started to charge money for my services and in 2012 I started my own business. It’s been an amazing, scary, overwhelming and magical journey but I am SO grateful for this work and this life. I know in my heart that this is why I am here on this planet, right now and in this body. I know that this is my Life’s Purpose and nothing brings me more joy or a sense of being in the right place than when I am channeling.


At my retreat in Kuranda, Australia, in November 2013

One of my biggest dreams for my business was to teach channeling workshops and I’ve been enjoying it so much. Teaching everything I know (yep, no holding back) and watching others grow and find their own connection with their spirit guides is AMAZING.  So if you long for a clear and loving connection with your spirit guides or angels (or both!) I would love to have you join Danielle Dove and I for our upcoming Spirit Guide & Angel Connection Virtual Retreat on March 22-23. We will bring all our tools, wisdom and lots of love and laughter to this weekend and it will be such an awesome way for you to say YES to yourself and YOUR dreams. Because you’re definitely worth it ; ).

If this resonates with you, come on over and find out more and book your space over here. If you book now you will get it at the early bird price that ends on March 2 AND you will receive Danielle’s Manifest Sacred Spaces e-book for FREE. I hope to see you then!

perfect-sacred-space-on-coffee-table1I wish you a beautiful, magical and awesome day!

With love,






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