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why you will love the no limits event

Come and meet me LIVE in Brussels in March!

If you are a heart-centred entrepreneur who wants to propel your business forward by connecting with other amazing entrepreneurs and learning from incredibly inspiring and successful women then this is THE best investment you could make in 2016.

Find out more and book your space here.

No more business as usual! You will leave this 3-day event feeling inspired, supported and guided by something bigger. You will connect with your purpose, you will be better able to discern which options are right for you, and you will learn to attract the perfect people, projects and opportunities. Invite flow, ease and joy into your business with like-minded entrepreneurs.


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I don’t have any channeling workshop planned for next year so far. If you would like me to come and do a workshop where you live, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me here.

You will have the opportunity to meet me and a group of amazing souls for two full days of deep and soul stirring connections with our spirit guides.

Together we will hold each other’s hands as we explore the realms of the spirit world. Together we will create a safe space for each and every one of you to feel held, seen and heard as the beautiful being you are. You will let go of any obstacles that are keeping you from experiencing life fully and step into the most magnificent and loving YOU.Your heart will soften and open up even more and your soul will shine so brightly. You will discover who you truly are under all those layers that weigh you down and embrace all the support that is already here for you.

As you open up your heart and soul you will connect even closer with your spirit guides (whether you already feel them or not) and you will receive their beautiful messages.

During this retreat you will experience/receive:

  • A clear and loving connection with your spirit guides
  • Messages from your spirit guides both for yourself and for others
  • Messages from your favourite crystal or something else from nature
  • A highly vibrational energy that will lift you up and help you grow
  • Insights into your own truth and a higher consciousness
  • Answers to the big life questions that you are asking yourself right now
  • A nurturing, supportive, loving and safe space to open up and blossom
  • Healing energies that will clear out any blockages or old patterns that are holding you back
  • Deeper understanding and inner knowing of your life’s path and purpose
  • LOVE!

If these words are resonating in your heart then this retreat is for you. I will be your loving and grateful guide through this journey and it will be my pleasure to support you, dearest lightworker.

As you are all unique human beings and each group will hold its own gorgeous energy it is part of my mission to create a retreat that fits your needs where you are right now. We will have access to amazing nature nearby so there may be some connecting with nature spirits, drumming and more…

Why am I qualified to be your guide?

AsSeenInBeing a loving light worker myself I have spent the last 12 years channeling my spirit guides, a group of Ascended Masters, for thousands of people from all over the world. I do automatic writing and channel my guides orally with as much light and generosity as I can. During the last few years I have also offered retreats in Sweden, France and now Australia. In order to share this amazing practice with as many people as possible I have also created an online kit where I support people in search of intuitive guidance worldwide. I offer Intuitive Readings, Coaching and I write on the topic of spirituality for many renowned online magazines and websites such as Leonie Dawson, WildSister Magazine, Spiritual Wisdom Magazine, Hibiscus Moon, Kind Over Matter, Roots of She, Such Different Skies, Betty Means Business and many more.

Apart from being a trained Reiki healer, channel and shamanic practitioner I also love spending time in nature, with my soul sister and my family. I find that by also living an ordinary life I stay grounded and centred in the physical world as well and this is very important to me. When I teach I mix deep spiritual work with lots of laughter, some tears & many hugs. This is part of my life’s purpose and I am dedicated to this path.

Are you ready to join us? If you are having doubts or fears coming up don’t worry, this is normal and part of the process when  you’re about to take a big leap. If you have any questions about this retreat please let me know and I would love to help [email protected]


Why would you want to communicate with your Spirit Guide? It will give you:

  • One on one Spiritual Guidance whenever you need it
  • The inner knowing that you are always loved and showered with light
  • Amazing spiritual growth
  • Access to all the healing energies you need to clear any blockages or dissolve pain and fear
  • So much more faith in life and in your own power
  • A much stronger intuition
  • An incredible inner strength and you will feel so centered
  • A clearer sense of your Life’s Purpose
  • Stronger and clearer boundaries
  • Powerful bursts of creative energy
  • The freedom to be You
  • A lot of big laughs! (our guides have a great sense of humor ; )


“Dear Karina, I want to thank you from all my heart for the world you opened for me! I was dreaming about following such a course for years and I’m so happy that it finally happened thanks to you!

Those two days helped me to understand better who I am and how to become happier and feel more protected in this world, I’ve got even closer connection with my inside voice!

Amazing guidance to the spiritual world of Light and Love, great people to get this experience with, comfortable atmosphere of professionalism and relaxation at the same time – this is the summary of my impressions after the course.

THANK YOU one more time for this inspiring experience and good luck in helping people getting closer to themselves and their Angels!

With best regards and love, Emi”  

“I highly recommend Karina’s guidance for every time you need support, love, and deep answers. Her guidance helps you to accept truly who you are, without any judgments or fears. All that she felt about me was confirmed in the past few months.

The workshop we just attended too has been wonderful. A precious time of sharing and love. And thanks to her special ability to comfort us, we all managed to connect with our guides. I love her joyful, profound and open personality. A beautiful soul!”     Isabelle Salomon

“Your workshop gave me faith to trust that I actually have a psychic connection. Your warmth, great laughs and openness gave us the boundaries and a sense of feeling safe enough to open up to the other participants. Being outside in nature meant so much to me. It filled up my soul and made me see plants and trees in a different way. I would strongly recommend anyone who is a spiritual seeker to attend your workshops” Lotta

“Your workshop gave me stronger faith in my own ability to both hear and understand the information from my own guides as well as my Higher Self. This will be so valuable in my work as a healer and in my own spiritual development…”  Ulf

I whole-heartledy recommend Karina and her course about connecting with you guides. She is a perfect teacher and gives you the tools to connect with your guides. It changed my life in an amazing way! Cecilia

It fills my heart with so much joy and gratitude to be able to offer these retreats to YOU. I feel so blessed to be sharing these powerful techniques and my experience with you in order to help and support you to grow even more into who you truly are.

You are a beautiful, shining soul. You are made of the stars and the land you gently walk on. You are filled with magic and you are powerful beyond measure.

I see you. I hear you. I love you.

You are so important to this world. You are a light worker, an earth guardian and you are called upon to create this New World with all of us.

We are all one

With love and blessings,


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