Hello beautiful soul,

How are you? The last month flew past in no time and although it was really intense I also enjoyed so much inner work and outer creations. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m preparing for something big. My work is intensifying (many more clients and bigger shifts) and my life seems to expand in miraculous ways. I took a few days off to enjoy some time by the beach in Cassis (southern France), chatting with a friend and eating delicious food. When I returned home I was invited to teach a channeling workshop at a friend’s house and we spent two intense days clearing out old beliefs and stories in order to make space for this higher vibration. The women were amazing and it was so wonderful to watch them let go and open up to more of their incredible light.

Our spirit guides were so present, loving, deeply supportive and hilarious. Every time I see someone’s eyes light up because she/he felt the connection to Spirit I am filled with awe. Every. Single. Time. This is the most magical, miraculous and at the same time natural thing.

What lights you up? What makes your eyes shine and sparkle?


Summer has arrived here in France and I’m really enjoying more time outside and eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. If you are preparing for a great summer for yourself and your family I think you’ll enjoy my latest interview with my friend, the amazing healer and spiritual mentor Ruby Toad at Ruby Toad Soulful Energies.

She shares her favourite ways to actually enjoy her summer without putting too much pressure on herself or her family. Ruby is starting a brand new program this week – on June 7 – so if you need some extra support to make sure you have an awesome summer, have a look here and get in touch with her.

I hope you enjoy our chat and the giggles!

Beaming you lots of love and joy,


PS: I’m launching an amazing joint event this week so watch this space. Can’t wait to share this baby with you! So excited I can hardly sleep :).

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